Queen for a Day

Such a trampoline of sandy, ill begotten, virtues, bounce up to greet my gritty feet.

And, it is a long road to greet…the others!

The others…like me.

So…I trade mountains for the buttery aroma of all the half shells along north beach.

Not trans.

Not bi.

Just scantily clad friends in need of retreat.

There is no need to beware of differences…between pride or right or wrong.

The Queens and bears and otters who came before me allow for no spite.

Within the dunes, no titles, labels or names.

As the sun also sets…we are all the same.

Passive, Aggressive…you guessed it…Homophobia


Let’s take the gloves off.  Tell the truth for a change.  Isn’t everyone a little bit gay, a little bit hetero, a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll?  Come on…in the dark of night, when we are all most vulnerable….we have thoughts, you know it and I know it.

This is how these thoughts go…

‘Wow, I really, really, liked that speaker tonight at that friends of Hillary get together, she was definitely a turn on…’


‘I’m not gay…I just thought a little flirting wouldn’t hurt…’

What I don’t understand?

How is this not somehow…a passive aggressive attempt at ‘homophobia.’

What are you saying to me when you say,

‘It is just for fun.  No harm, no foul,…’

Latest one that I had heard,

‘After all that stuff…you know what we shared…my son read my text.  I dunno what happened…He just found the phone.  He was so upset.’

This last example had occurred directly after a obvious attempt by a bored housewife to…

How do they say it?  Spice her life up!

There is a line from a Macklemore and Lewis’s ‘Same Love’.

‘We’ve become so numb to what we’re sayin’…

kids are walkin’ around the hallway

Plagued by pain in their heart

A world so hateful, some would rather die than be who they are…

So my friend, the bored housewife…

Is essentially saying to her son, who read those…’bad words that adults think’…those words like, ‘am I distracting you?  My pretend girlfriend…,’

She is telling him…it is not okay to be that way!  That is why I am so secretive.  Ssshh, don’t tell anyone!

She compounded her confused son by alluding to the idea that Mommy didn’t mean that.  I understand you don’t understand…but I am so wrong to have written those things…

So, what I am truly saying,

Gay is wrong.  Gay is confusing.  So, confusing.  Mommy doesn’t get it.  And, she is going to spread that ignorance like the wildfire Homophobia is!

If my psych degree serves me correctly…this is typically known as, nurturing.  You know, it is very similar to how people describe what happened to lesbians, like me:

‘Do you think she was born that way?  I’m not sure…I heard she was raised just by her mother…maybe that was the reason…’

The one thing I can say with one hundred percent accuracy?  Ignorant, passive, aggressive, homophobia, is environmental.  The hate starts at home!