Turning Over Ache

Nestled in the arms of a foothill, discomfort is aware of my ache.

Though the sky etches out a glorious sun…is it forsaken?

There is no warmth from the ground below.

I push this transition further and further into the granite strings to my heart.

Whether heaven be above awash in blue hue or…below in what is home.

Remorse prefer I walk alone.


Other Souls on Other Shores

On a rare, cobalt, sky day, amid the northern sky.

intrinsically, it is elementary to forgive, forget…

The when.

The how.

The why.handles 1

Gliding around and, beyond with little guidance.

Passing other souls on other shores.

Some are acquaintances known…

Known a little less.

Known a little more.

All of us of bilateral sex.

Oblivious to our time together.

In one manner or another, I am given the skeleton key to a friend’s door.

My entry inside is fleeting.

Sadness stains the walls.

A pounding fist of heartache…permits no other sounds.

Always a walk to remember.

Beginning with a day, azure blue.

Into another’s sad room.