Mother Melancholia

Ah, I understand now, alone, a product of ancient Rome

(a black collar, middle class, value family from my generation.)

Generation Catacomb!

WE utter tumors of blood.

For with OUR blood…plug the dykes and the wall still remains

It was there I had seen him first.  An overly clean orderly with distended belly. Apparently, he had many needs to feed his vice.



Oh, Mother Melancholia had been a woman-child of gelled mold.  Obliging, as a casserole.  She had been known for trading a weekend passes just to come in from the cold.

Catacomb Lovers you fill my psyche with only lies.

Broad is a shipwrecked boat in the woods, swinging from a household tree.

Sweaty are the breasts upon cursed, crafty cave.


I protest to this embankment,

The residents, the freaks, are prepared to overthrow!

No matter how you keep your pansies, well groomed.  No matter the vials for your smiles.  A Pagan Reformer tide…will be coming soon.  Crimson waters will punish your passageway.

..a chastity belt notched around the tombs.



Today in History

On the 12th of February, two extraordinary persons were born…

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.

Should we thank them for where we are currently?  Or, should we curse them out?  Personally, Lincoln is one of the few republicans that seems to make sense.  And, Darwin?  Well, Darwin only confirmed what I knew all along…the ‘Good News Bible’ was bullshit!

Do great thinkers share some sort of telepathy?  Do these great emancipators’ know the shit we are currently in?

  • Both scraggly fellows loved Shakespeare
  • A little late to the gate…neither Darwin or Lincoln made much of an impact until later in life
  • Both lost their mothers when they were quite young
  • Lincoln and Darwin lost children to ‘unknown’ illness when they (the kids) were very young.
  • I love music.  So did Abe and Charles.  Yet, such as myself…they could not hold a note.
  • Obviously, both Honest Abe and the Evolutionist…abhorred slavery

What I find amazing?  Here we are…over two hundred years later…fighting the same fight!

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it.

Honest Abe


Hell Have No Fury…

Who is Hannah Jumper…

July 8, 1856, is an important date in the history of Rockport. On that summer morning, 200 wives, mothers, daughters and assorted supporters gathered in Dock Square to take part in an event that would have repercussions to this very day.

Brandishing hatchets, led by Hannah Jumper, they began their raid. In the words of Ebenezer Pool. an eyewitness. “…On finding any keg, jug, or cask having spirituous liquor in it…with their hatchets broke or otherways destroyed it…” Who was Hannah Jumper? How did so many law abiding. homemakers find the courage to follow her’?

Hannah Jumper, a tall, redheaded, 31 year old seamstress, left her family’s farm in Joppa and came to Rockport in 1812. Her talent with a needle and thread, along with her abilities to grow herbs and make medicinal brews from them, helped her to build a pleasant life in the small fishing community. Thus established, Hannah began to form lasting friendships with many of the women who would later join her in the rebellion against “demon rum”.

Fishing was the mainstay of Rockport. However, the weather only permitted this activity for nine months of the year. Instead of finding other employment during their enforced three month “vacation.” the men idled away their time and consumed enormous amounts of liquor.

Year after year, the economic deprivation caused by those periods of inactivity was worsened by the money spent on spirits. The women of the town grew increasingly frustrated and their patience wore thin. Hannah Jumper not only shared their feeling and their concerns, but she also became very outspoken on the subject.

Finally, in 1856. with the rise of the. temperance movement and the early rumblings of women’s rights being heard, the women of Rockport met secretly to plot their historic raid. Only three men were considered trustworthy enough to be taken into their confidence.

On the morning of July 8, 1856 women from every corner of Rockport rallied around Hannah and five other women who had assumed leadership roles. Even at age 75, Hannah Jumper was still a formidable figure!

Secreting their weapons beneath lacy shawls, the protesters set out to destroy every drop of alcohol located in places they had marked (under cover of darkness) with a small white cross. Howls of outrage and threats of recriminations followed the progress of the “hatchet gang”.

Five hours later. the weary but victorious women ended their revolt and went home to fix supper for their families.

One disgruntled target of the raid, Jim Brown, took the matter to court. The verdict, in favor of the women, was appealed time and time again. In the end, the original verdict was upheld and Brown was ordered to pay the court costs of $346.25 to the defendants.

Subsequently, Rockport became a ‘dry’ town, and remained so until 2005, when voters approved the sale of alcoholic beverages in local restaurants.

Hell have no fury like a sober woman…scorned!

38 Years Ago Today!

HELP…John!  With all this gun rage, fake news, presidential controversy, hate…I saw little in the daily media about…an issue we battle;

Mental Health and guns!

Well don’t you know that happiness (happiness) is a warm gun, (is a warm gun, yeah).##John Lennon