the little Funky Town


the little Funky town…next to where we were.

Momentum of acorn’s debris.

lackadaisical-ly, organized chaos.

Melody out on the edge of no particular place.

Bias go free.

As the inner tantrum deliver’s rare, raw, sanctum days.

A remembrance of hoodlum and humdrum.

No royalties here.

Just misogynistic femininity.

Proper places where talking mannequins feel fit.

Vintage homesteads…playing dead.

Forks stuck in the dead-end road.

Worth the whiling away of long, straw, days…and, slower than molasses, evenings.

Living out softly.

On the shoe strings and pedigrees.


Shocked Therapy: Life’s a Gamble

Had it been anyone else running bare-ass through the 90’s…perhaps, this need not apply.  Yet, I sold my soul to a virtuous brunette and her chains, the repo man and maps forever burning on the side of the ride somewhere slightly passed Scranton, PA.

Campfire morals and delights handed down by Michelle Shocked:

1. It’s been my luck to live to tell the only tale I don’t hurt you when you fall only when you land.

Michelle Shocked
Michelle Shocked

2. Love ain’t no train.  It’s more like a broncin’ bull.  And, the most you’ve got’s fifteen seconds in that saddle.

If Love Was a Train- Michelle Shocked
If Love Was a Train-
Michelle Shocked

3. The path that you have chosen is paved with your intentions!

Weaving Day- Michelle Shocked
Weaving Day-
Michelle Shocked

4. Thinking back on the roads I’d come.  Thinking I’d not come that far!

Memories of East Texas- Michelle Shocked
Memories of East Texas-
Michelle Shocked

5. Sometimes I take hobos in.  But I walk to town if I need a friend.


"don't call it a prairie if you fence it in"
“don’t call it a prairie if you fence it in”

Lately, the snow has been brown.  Seems almost always the scene has been a rustic bad acid trip.  Sometimes, ain’t nothing but time to think about family, friends and kin.

I awoke the other morning in a sweat.  My dreams filled with ‘if it ain’t right it’s wrong.’  I dragged my sorry ass out of bed.  Pumped the Maxwell house like an addict to rock.  Held fast to the redneck Iditarod I call ‘parts one and two of the three stooges.’  I took a freshly rolled cigarette, hit play on Ye Ole Boombox and this is what it said:

If I was smart I would take your advice
But I am not and so I have to think twice
Never a lesson have I learned
Without first being burned

Oh, the troubles I’ve known!
I seem to learn everything the hard way
I’m not old enough to be on my own
But I’m much too old to stay

I was about to tell you the truth
All the mistakes of my wasted youth
And why I didn’t make it home on time
But you would have thought
I was only lying

I always believed I ran away
But now I know I was told to go
Maybe it’s worked out better this way
What could you say I didn’t already know?

‘Tell me, Michelle, what could you say that we didn’t  already know?’


Michelle Shocked – The Hard Way Lyrics