Matron Cows and Silly Sows

Had I been born an article of sale clothing...'straight' off the rack. A bit long in the sleeve. Slightly bulky. Too athletic looking. Would I make it fit? Had I been in an abused, handed down... 'good news' bible. Splayed on open pages. Scribbled in ink. Someone's ideals of what is right or wrong. … Continue reading Matron Cows and Silly Sows


Cycle of Abuse: the Matriarch/Part One

  Cycle of Abuse: Chapter 1 I had begun to wonder.  What would it be like to have been born into a different family?  Would the rules have changed?  Would I have still become an addict?  For that matter, would I have lived long enough to make to recovery? So many questions...So little time. It … Continue reading Cycle of Abuse: the Matriarch/Part One

the Family Circus

The spawning of this... an ancient, newly built, dynasty. Omits glitter laced in martyrdom facing toward mastery, caked with pious dictatorship. It is placed upon an isle of baneful refineries. There is no need to define an antagonist. They understand who they are. Alone, they are, the only pear shaped, placid matriarchs with a bronze … Continue reading the Family Circus

Straight and Narrow

Crisp, clean, lean and linear. Effortless to hold. Alas, possibly too bold. Stark, as it leads to the scold. © So be it. The clean-cut line, as pristine as, precious time. © Often, I wish to be as well-defined. Pulling closer the sharp edges... I shed. No matter, the contrast of my less sleek design. … Continue reading Straight and Narrow

Holy Insecurity

No certainty. To the reliance of reflection I see. Thus, what of the transformation into an iron cross of discovery? Un-anchored spirits from forbidden doorways. Youthful were the vestiges I held to the light. Now they are only recollections of disappointed blasphemy. ≤ How true these reflections in me? How honest can the hues be? … Continue reading Holy Insecurity