thoughts from a madwoman

an impetus of my thoughts…
ties like a stolen heart hanging on a single limb
waving in the distance, those I have lost…those I have yet to meet
my intimacy has stretched one lone minute into days
a simple glance to my love has turned like a leaf in the fall
our infinity is willful…through the light and the dark

time has captured the ease in which love will always bleed

looking, mortality in the eye…like a discarded pod to a seed

In the Midnight Hour

A frightening thought during the midnight hour…

Something so beautiful as you, crying in desperation.

How can beauty be hit so hard?

Where had my fevered mind traveled?

The woods of ash and hemlock surround the bed dipped by morning dew…

made black and blue.

My illicit youth became a blackened mirror to the truth…

Fevered pitch ran from the pines asking not ‘what if.’

But is left to do.

Somewhat Sane


An eerie sense of comfort in the December mist.

I collect all my faults in…what is unnoticed.

Though, I am not half the woman I think I am.

Isolation in the still-life of rain…

Guards the fact that I am still somewhat…sane.



A Kind of Sun

In the barren isolation of pine.

No matter, how immobile, I wish to be.

It is no secret.

I must move my feet.

Nature crunches below.

While frolic and folly, ascend, above.

Winter’s stroll becomes a gusty game of hide and seek.

No need to daydream of summer’s peak.

Passive is the lull of traction.

The sun has no motive.

It is just a reaction to my half hearted…actions.imageedit_39_4786711961