Poetry and self doubt


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I believe we are all asses (I first and foremost) when we publish our poems.  Yet the doing so eases our souls – for some inscrutable reason; and if we can afford the consolation, and expect nothing from the public in return for our gifts, I suppose there is no reason to be urged against it.

  • John Addington Symonds


His memoirs are that of freedom and strength.  And, all that can be achieved through self-discovery.  When he embraced his homosexuality…his health became a positive.  When plagued with doubt…Mr. Symonds succumbed to many ailments related to stress and personal oppression.

It is unfortunate that John Symonds passed at a very young age…complications related to not being true to self.

Tanned Tannery
Noble doubt allows for pure thought. With the dust gone the light is better seen

Cold blows the winter wind: ‘t is Love,
Whose sweet eyes swim with honeyed tears,
That bears me to thy doors, my love,
Tossed by the storm of hopes and fears.

Cold blows the blast of aching Love;
But be thou for my wandering sail,
Adrift upon these waves of love,
Safe harbor from the whistling gale!