Yankee Imperialism

Redemption Day

I have wept for those who suffer long. But how I weep for those who’ve gone into rooms of grief and questioned wrong.

But keep on killing! It is in the soul to feel such things.

But weak to watch without speaking!

Oh, what mercy sadness brings.

If god be willing. There is a train that is heading straight to heaven’s gate. And, on the way, child and man and woman wait, watch and wait…

For Redemption Day!

Fire rages in the streets and swallows everything it meets. It is just an image often seen on television.

Come leaders, come you women and men of great. Let us hear you pontificate! Your many virtues laid to waste. And, we are not listening! What do you have for us today? Throw us a bone but save the plate on why we waited ’til so late. Was there no oil to excavate? No riches in trade for the fate of every person who died in hate?
There is a train that is heading straight to heaven’s gate. And on the way, child and man and woman wait, watch and wait…

For Redemption Day.

It is buried in the countryside. It is exploding in the shells at night. It is everywhere a baby cries…


  • Johnny Cash/redemption day

If you follow the money and, the Untied States of America, will invade most anywhere!

Americans well-earned their reputation for “Yankee imperialism” through more than a century of military intervention in Latin America. Skeptics of Washington’s purported humanitarian intentions point to Venezuela’s 301 billion barrel oil reserves as a rich prize for American companies. https://www.cato.org/people/doug-bandow

In order to stay well oiled: Will America trade her pride of constitution…? Swapping it for her need to suffer nations?

Many Venezuelans can no longer afford beef or chicken. The government tried to make them eat rabbits. But no. Some invade zoos to carve up buffalo and horses. And many go hungry.

Secretary of State and later President John Quincy Adams appeared to foresee our world when he warned Americans not to go “abroad, in search of monsters to destroy” lest they risk their nation’s soul. The U.S. “might become the dictatress of the world” and “be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.” Which would be too high a price to pay.


“We don’t have to like the same things to be in love.”

a quote from one Megan O’Shaughnessy

LUV: Does mean having to say, you're sorry.  Over and over and over again.
Does mean having to say, you’re sorry

The above statement occurred to the day; twelve years ago.  As I had been entering the woods for some of Mother Nature’s therapy and also attempting to woo my new love interest those words rang out.  Of course they rang out followed by:

“I’ll meet you back at the car when you have had your fill of being Tarzan Jane.”

another quote from one Megan O’Shaughnessy

As true to form, twelve years later following incident occurred.  Not in the woods but in the enclosure of our bathroom designed for residents in the land of Lilliput.

I had been awoken to a dog growling at an intruder in the bedroom.  Much to my dismay it had been Megan.  I say, dismay, for that damn dog has still not accepted this woman as part of the family…twelve years later.

What is it they say?

Once a bitch always a bitch?  The dog that is.  Not Megan.

Anywho, I took this a sign that I should embrace the day now and get my sorry ass out of a warm, cozy and inviting bed.  Quickly the inviting day became an un-invite.

Megan had been poised for showering.  I had been perched upon the throne.  Nothing unusual for an early morning wake up call.

“You can come out of the corner.  I don’t bite.  Just get in the shower…you’re running late!”

-quote from Yours Truly to her spouse

Quicker than dog poo melting on a hot and humid New Hampshire’s day I had been informed of the following information:

“I’m not ready to be naked in front of you.  Later, not now, maybe!”

Sadly, the story ends with the heroine dethroned by a very foolishly placed remark:

“The last thing I want to do right now is see you naked.  I’m just trying to get you moving so you’re not late!”

Now that the dust has settled.  The sun fully up and the dogs walked.  The spouse diverted by my ‘yes, dear’ behavior.  I am reminded of an old joke.

A joke I did not make-up but added to over the years.  And, I suppose that is what marriage is all about.  Gay or straight, Polka dot or Plaid, marriage is marriage is marriage.

A month before the engagement, a young couple embrace.  They fornicate everywhere legally and illegally possible.  The car in the driveway.  The neighbor’s treehouse.  The treadmill newly purchased as the couple’s first piece for the newly in love love den; has been tainted by the sexual perversions of those who have just entered love know.

Years passed.  Maybe the wood anniversary has come and gone.  The couple still couple.  Yet, it is safe to say, the washer and dryer are no longer part of the act.  The cruel hardwood living floor no longer seems sexy.  For both in the twosome have bad backs.  However, the passion is not lost.  It is just harnessed to the bedroom every other Thursday of the month.  Not including Lent.

Twelve years are gone by now.  The couple still a couple.  They finish each other’s sentences.  They wear the same shoes.  They agree to disagree and still have dinner in the same room.

The bedroom has gone from a den of decadent delights to a place to call home eight hours a day.  Between the snores, the dogs and the PMS, an occasional bad nights sleep occurs.

“There's a lot of things blamed on me that never happened. But then, there's a lot of things that I did that I never got caught at.”  ― Johnny Cash
“There’s a lot of things blamed on me that never happened. But then, there’s a lot of things that I did that I never got caught at.”
― Johnny Cash

One spouse is roused from her roost by a bad dream of ‘no new summer sandals to wear.’  She gets up and feels her way down the hall.  For the bladder is older and in need of care.  Somewhere in the middle of her journey she encounters another traveler heading away from the coveted throne.  As the two pass in the night only one term of endearment is shared:

They each offer up to one another  ‘the bird/the finger’  whilst passing.  Knowing and believing that this is what SEX and MARRIAGE happens

...learning to pick your battles everyday for the rest of your life...
…learning to pick your battles everyday for the rest of your life…

to be all about!