Crowded by Blood

Odd, this, the red skin shame.

Clans of others…

with roots deeply, weakened by transgressions.

That appear hunted like game.

Had my blood been a search part for organic matter.

A reason to mimic heritage.

But, surely, that would be treason alone.

Or, perchance, within a tribe…the coming of age.

Dreams of nature would cultivate.

Would suffice.

Yet, amassed in blame.

No authority to believe my soul of privilege.

Alone but crowded by blood.

Only shame.

blood 3

blood 2

A Broken Erected Challis

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Sometimes a brief visit is needed.

To places not with warrant… but insist on being remembered.

This cowardliness, tour, knows not of relationships…May or December.

Like so many before…  

It is easy to have forgotten the front door.

Clutter, shutter, trashy and gutter.

A place to go…when you realize you have not gone that far.

Where the ruts have become gaping divides.

A broken erected challis…providing not place to hide.

Thus, a kinship to all things left unfinished.

Prisoner to what could have been.

Nothing to be seen…in the midst of ruin…but buyer’s remorse.

Gutted from the inside out, as a matter of course.


al norte de Belice

belieze 4

Texan charm, claimed by Madrileño magic.
Everlasting radiance to which my far away 
landscapes find reprieve.
A commoner's picturesque relief.
Be there no judge to this span of 
sun on snow.
No hindrance in the acreage between 
what we both know.
In separate worlds...still nowhere to go.
To live the curse was to find courage in the journey.
To live the curse was to find courage in the journey.
Hard to evade a shady nighttime of Belize.
belize 3

Nor the familiar nor'easter 
and it's biting      breeze.
Memories for me will forever 
be a desert         sunflower...
Distant words and climbing miles.
My friend, never a day goes by, 
when I do not    reach for your smile.

belize 5

Buddha, I have buyer’s remorse

buyer's remorse 2

Hey, Mr. Buddha, I have a new question…maybe two!

The absence of thought?

Not such a bad thing…it allows us to refuel. But if were not for history’s villains, would we know of attachments fool? Is spirit in the duality of detail? Is there no perfection? No, there could never be!

buyer's remorse 3

Without pain I would fail

Even with a paper framed liberal artists hanging by a rusty nail.

Are we just as…

the life led beneath our foot falls?

Just the same

bad becomes us all

Than only than…

existence kneels


hope flees.

The first thing I remember when meditating left of center

I recall standing in a driveway at the end of the storm.

A kinship called me like a name given unto vacant winds

She begged of me, never return, never again.

The second thing, the person of unknown origin, did say

it is a buyer’s remorse when attachments lead the way.

'Being so aware, we will lose all our attachments, As we cease gasping, we will be freed.' -Digha Nikaya
‘Being so aware, we will lose all our attachments,
As we cease gasping, we will be freed.’
-Digha Nikaya