Trump? Just Another Junk Food Junkie!

It is difficult, as most understand, making ends meet.  First, Mr. Trump felt a deep sense of ‘relating’ to those without pay during his ‘government’ shutdown.  How much more personable can the self described, best president ever, be?

Welp, after cutting back on the tan in the can, the orange hair gel and the comb-over…#45 celebrated the Clemson Tigers winning ways…with Big Macs!

Trump’s good will seems to be never ending!  What next?  Rumor has it…#45 will be purchasing Bissell Vacuum cleaners for California residents (who qualify)!  All in hopes of keeping the forests…a clean machine!

#45  is personally paying for the meals that will be provided to the Clemson University football team during their national championship celebration at the White House on Monday night, CNN has learned.

Earlier Monday, Trump told reporters, unprompted, that he is serving “McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King’s with some pizza.”
“I think that would be their favorite food, so we’ll see what happens,” he added.