Tell Her Today

Tell her today


the mist fades into the fading enchanted forest.


fauna has turned to fallen rust.

Tell her today


the slight brush of her hand on yours feels thin and threadbare.

Today holds her…as though no other moment will.

Tell her today

about all events that made you stand still.

Buttercups and First Impressions

Knowles ChilledFirst impression?

She had smelled of salt and pepper hair.

Which I now understand to be…

The scent of ocean nights and green apple as they…compare.

Hinted with aroma of dusty nights at a local fair.

Cotton Candy amassing in the nighttime air.

First impression?

She said to me…

‘you are my buttercup!’

Tangy, earthy…free.

First impression?

“I need you more than anyone, darlin’
You know that I have from the start
So build me up  buttercup, don’t break my heart.”


To Much Love

Underneath plush cover of cotton.

A healing hand in repose.

As if, a wanting to be disposed.


I regard too much, while grasping the outstretched sleeping gesture.

I ponder,

‘too much love!’


between the warming waves.

There is an oft instinct to fit that love with a masking glove.

Trials and tribulations sometimes, come like thieves to memories in the dusky air.

Too much of love, has come, handle with care.


How easy it is for a closeted romantic…

To question beyond the here and now.


beyond the walls of sleep.

I do not let go.

Do not let go…the healing hand of love.

A conquest of my questionable foes.imageedit_113_9461982436


Our Hole in the Wall


Hole in the wall.

Behold…all that is dear.

Behind your former shine.

Pictured portraits…


Black on white.

Perhaps, dismal days.

Once the passion grew.

Now those moments,

‘oh so, gray!’