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I am here.  I am queer.  And, my sexual activity matters!

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Some lesbian women aren’t receiving Pap smears because their doctors have told them they don’t need them because lesbian sex “doesn’t count” as real sex. 

Some lesbian women aren’t receiving Pap smears because their doctors have told them they don’t need them because lesbian sex “doesn’t count” as real sex. A 2011 study from the University of Salford found that 37 percent of the queer women surveyed were told by their doctors that they didn’t need a cervical screening test. According to researchers Jennifer KatesUsha Ranji, Adara Beamesderfer, Alina Salganicoff, and Lindsey Dawson, queer women’s healthcare is also stigmatized within the medical community. Their 2018 study, “Health and Access to Care and Coverage for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Individuals in the U.S.,”published by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, notes that discrimination, violence, workplace inequality, and family rejection can create barriers to quality healthcare for LGBTQ populations, with some individuals reporting “outright denial of care” because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Part of the problem, one study indicated, is that many doctors assume their queer, bi, and lesbian patients are straight, or believe the “urban myth” that lesbian women don’t need to be tested for STIs or reproductive cancers because they don’t have heterosexual sex with cisgender men. These kinds of assumptions reinforce the misguided notion that queer women are militantly monogamous, and therefore don’t need to worry about STDs. The idea that queer sex between women isn’t “real” sex suggests that queer relationships are somehow less valuable or meaningful than heterosexual relationships—a belief that is both alienating and dangerous. Lesbian women are screened for HPV, STIs, and cervical cancer less frequently, and may not be offered the same amount of information about preventative measures like dental dams or the HPV vaccine as heterosexual patients, leading to a greater risk for cervical cancers and other reproductive health issues.

Young queer women are particularly vulnerable to contracting HPV and STIs, and according to one 2015 study, may be more likely to opt out of receiving the HPV vaccine without sufficient information from their healthcare providers. Fish’s research focused primarily on lesbian women, but bisexual women, trans women and men, and gender nonbinary individuals regularly report experiencing anxiety about disclosing their gender identity and sexual orientation. They have good reason to: Trans individuals surveyed in “Transgender Patient Perceptions of Stigma in Health Care Contexts,”  a 2013 study published in the journal Medical Care, reported being denied healthcare, or experiencing “substandard care, forced care, [and] verbal abuse.”


The Trump administration’s plan to reinstate a Reagan-era domestic gag rule would make it illegal for healthcare providers receiving funding from Title X to refer patients to outside clinics or abortion providers. “Planned Parenthood serves 41 percent of the 4 million people who rely on the Title X program. If Planned Parenthood were pushed out of the program, the ability for those people to access free or low-cost birth control, cancer screenings, STD screenings, and other reproductive health care would be at risk,” Dean says. With growing numbers of young people identifying as queer, access to safe spaces and resources for appropriate and accurate sex education is more important than ever. Until the mainstream medical community learns to recognize queer women’s right to affordable, queer-inclusive care, Planned Parenthood will remain an essential, valuable resource.



Bitches Get Stuff Done

I just want to get this straight…Condoms will put the ‘intimacy’ flame out because those little sperm swimmers have something magical in them.  Most republicans insist to have control over the female body.  And, more and more, insurance does not wish to cover birth control.

I knew it!  The only way out?  Lesbianism!



Trump Administration Official Believes Condom Use ‘Robs a Woman’ of ‘Remarkable Chemicals’ Found in Semen

Did you know that Robert Patterson, who currently serves as the acting associate commissioner at the Social Security Administration’s Office of Strategic and Digital Communications, has a lot of gross and hateful views? It is so surprising to find such a man with a position in the Trump administration.

As pointed out by Media Matters for America, before he landed a job with the Trump administration, and after he worked for the first Bush administration, Patterson served as an editor for a conservative site called The Family in America, which espouses values of, well, you can probably guess.

There, he co-authored a blog post arguing that using a condoms and birth control “works against the health and well-being of women,” and that a condom, specifically, “robs a woman” of the “remarkable chemicals” that are found in semen. In another lovely co-authored blog post, he wrote that working women were the cause of the childhood obesity epidemic. “Perhaps it is time for American health officials trying to combat our national epidemic of childhood obesity to look for ways to get mothers back in the home,” he and writer Bryce Christensen suggested in a post titled, “Mom’s Employed; Junior’s a Couch Potato.” Patterson also advocated for welfare programs that “recognize a conventional division of labor among married participants.” It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that Patterson is also virulently homophobic. He has defended his posts by saying they are backed up by scientific research, which is honestly something I’m surprised he believes in.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Patterson’s editing gig at the website led to his resignation from Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare in 2012. However, his views fit right in with the Trump administration, where he is regarded as “a policy expert, professor and op-ed contributor,” per the Social Security Administration’s website. With that, I wish you a happy Friday, free to consider the many “remarkable chemicals” found in semen.

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Rewards for Conformity


As of late, the words, dyke, lesbo,faggot, etc.,etc., derogatory terms, used to describe my kind…have become more blatant.

I suppose it would go to say, that no matter the political atmosphere.  Disregarding the misdirected hate.  Discarding the obvious; love is love is love.

Above all this, after 30 years of fighting to care for myself by allowing my truth to prevail…’the prejudice held by some…only adds fuel to my fire!’

And, in tune with my truth.  My forever fight to enjoy what others take so…indignantly and politically incorrect…marriage!  I implore any reader, any follower, any person of interest…attached to this blog…please, unplug.  Let go.  Find another place to enjoy your fake love for others…elsewhere.

This blog is meant only for those who believe there is only one integral right among-st the Gods.  And, that is right to love whomever we wish.  For indeed, to love is the greatest gift in this world.


“As for loving woman, I have never understood why some people had a fit. I still don’t. It seems fine to me. If an individual is productive responsible, and energetic, why should her choice in a partner make such a fuss? The government is only too happy to take my tax money and yet they uphold legislation that keeps me a second class citizen. Surely, there should be a tax break for those of us who are robbed of full and equal participation and protection in the life of our nation.”

“Oh great, you too. So now I wear this label ‘Queer’ emblazoned across my chest. Or I could always carve a scarlet ‘L’ on my forehead. Why does everyone have to put you in a box and nail the lid on it? I don’t know what I am—polymorphous and perverse. Shit. I don’t even know if I’m white. I’m me. That’s all I am and all I want to be. Do I have to be something?”

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NO government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love .  The only ‘queer’people are the ones who don’t love anybody!


Marked for Life

Hope to always lie!
Hope to always lie!

Tell me, how politically correct is it to have your legal unfit in her own well breed way, mother, dress you?  Tell you that you’ll never find someone?  Of course, that is a drunken bi-curious story for another time.

I suppose at twenty something the stains I left on others were only remnants of the fairy tale life I began to believe in.

Santa!  Bella!  Vampire!  Happy endings!  Chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk.  My whole being had been reared by the wicked Adopt-A-Mom, from the very beginning.

Who else but a sexually deprived and loveless mass of blood and muscle, tooth and silver spooned speech, aged woman; tells her bought at a fair market price, daughter where her redneck birthmother is?  Who spits out at every dining experience around the white bread made of mahogany setting for eight- dinner table,

“you are just as fucked up as your mother is!”

How could I have ended up any different than I am now?  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline personality, Manic Depressive!

Every out of the way school I ever attended allowed me in on money not merit.

I spray myself with convenience store Smoke B Gone!  I ride with all the windows down in the car an hour after I’ve smoked.  I have a ball and chain and I don’t want to be married to her.  I want her docksiders to not match mine!

I suppose the addiction to Straight Porn is a release.  Sort of a form of Anger Management between myself and myself.

Did I say, I’m an adult, I hope so.  I don’t really feel like one.  My only hope in life was to be a famous pole dancer or lap grinder.  The feel of my nakedness is the only thing that turns me on.

Damn, if my Adopt-A-Mom wouldn’t be aghast by that.  Walking around during the company’s Christmas Party.  Showing off the newly purchased Grand Father clock, bragging to her colleagues about how her daughter is fresh out of diapers and fresh out of college.

Quickly the smug group glides upstairs to the forbidden zone.  The attic.  No, knock.  No sweetie, it’s Mom.  Just the quiet opening to a world of forty pounds overweight and deep into Deep Throat daughter.

Stain tha Mom!