What Were the Roman’s Thinking?

Now honestly!  What were the Romans thinking?  Did they not know about: National Organization of Roman Women or the Roman Civil Liberties Union.

As a current day lesbian, I’m not sure my ancient Sista’s, would have considered…

…the phallus was a symbol of good luck to Ancient Romans…


1,800-Year-Old Penis Carving Found Etched Into Hadrian’s Wall In England


A Heart by Night. By Day

How organic to yearn for love?

Then stand in its light.

Such as, searching for the sun five minutes after midnight.

More often than not,

we stand by the radiance of a full moon.imageedit_96_4540251739

As though love will never give will to confinement.

Or, by what is assumed.


Our Woman of Age

Franklin, New Hampshire
Franklin, New Hampshire

The woman… had faded more than the others of similar age.

Beyond what is eerily unique.

Encompassing much that many would consider…adept physique.

There had been no love lost.

Between citizens, denizens and the female of frost.


Gray indeed, this creature of comfort.

Wrinkled, hand upon well trodden hand, she stood still.

As if to say,

‘I am here, dear…lend me your fill.’

And, with a chaotic turn of reddened cheek…

one became two.

Our woman of age, had the company of…someone new.

If one were to turn away.

A stranger, perhaps.

They would have missed…love’s aftermath.

Subsequently, being of similar mind.

I could not let go of my everyday find.

What a couple of friends…turned another way?

Obviously, the two women, were perturbed with the storm’s dismay.

How simple it must have been to lend an open palm to another?

Beyond, charity, the woman of notice…had been aiding her lover.

As cursory as…a New Hampshire blizzard.

I took note of how beautiful love ages…with just a convenience visit.

So lovely, had been the flakes falling in the backdrop.

Eloquent maturity in the feel of another.

The knowing of which is grace.


what is the gentile feminine pace.

My morning ended in its usual organized chaos.

Yet, I could not help but wonder,

‘What of the older woman at my pit stop.’

Over exposed…too commercialized, the need for youth.

Give me a moment alone with love’s lifeline.

Just a second, unnoticed with just two.

Just two…furrowed in tenderness…everyday…as something, new.



a Butch Rant


Without too much fanfare, a lesbian rant with be performed.  I will generalize, sound sexist, political incorrect and much more.  Which after 50 years on the earth; I honestly do not give a shit, if I offend anyone!

As a gay woman, I have enjoyed loving woman for obvious reasons!  Woman are more nurturing, understanding, better fighters and, for better or worse, brutally honest.

That being said,butch-4

In most relationships, there is a more, manly lesbian.  And, a more feminine lesbian.  Words such as; Femme and Butch, Top and Bottom are used to describe  these  persons.

Of note, these ‘butch’ types of women do not always look like men!  Often they are very frilly.  It is a misnomer to believe we are wear flannel and work-boots.

I do wear flannel and work-boots.  But that by no means says, I want a crew-cut and chains on my wallet.

Chores when you merge with another woman often are divided up without words or written lists.

My rant is very simple.  I love my wife.  I appreciate the pink.  The CK1 perfume.  And, the fact that her underwear matches her bra and her socks.

That said!butch-2

I really do not appreciate having to clean the bathroom drain out when it is clogged!  Somehow over fifteen years of being together; I have been allotted that duty as well as, burying dead birds in the yard!

While she does the laundry and (as I believe she does on purpose) dyes my wife beater’s pink!

Covering the Rainbow

a Rainbow-Flag

“Hey, my cousin just moved to town…do you know any clubs that she might like?”


I tire of this above ignorant statement.  I have been with the same woman for almost 15 years.  I have been sober going on 16 years.  And, most importantly,  the only ‘gay’ club we went to…we went to over a decade ago.  Megan and I shot a game of pool.  Watched a middle-aged lesbian attempt to dance (by herself) with a cast on her foot and crutches falling about the floor.

Being members of addiction recovery; a sideways glance and nod of the head, to each other…Meant one thing!   We are way too old, way to sober and way too tired to put up with the bad form behavior of a dance club on a Saturday, late night.

So with the above question, I felt the need to reignite the misnomer about gay people, the gay community, etc.,etc.


  1. There is nothing worse than nodding, in a crowd of people, to a stranger that appears to be gay.  In other words, newbie lesbians do not have a secret society and body gesture that acknowledges the presence of a gay woman in the midst of a group of straight people.
  2. Please stop with the…’I have an Uncle that is gay!’  This one needs no explanation.  Honestly, I could care less about how many persons of interest are homosexual.  What happens in a stranger’s life, generally, has no effect on how gay people conduct their personal business.
  3. Not all gay persons read only queer literature, watch television shows, movies, etc.  Personally, I do not like Ellen.  But that is another topic for another time.
  4. Queers hang with queers.  I live in rural New Hampshire.  In actuality, I live in even more rustic…and, rural, northern New Hampshire.  All my friends are straight.  And, guess what?  We still hang out with each other.


I watched the Imitation Game…again, the other day.  What concerns me?  And, should concern gay and transgender, and friends of?  The president-elect and many of his cohorts have a mentality akin to the prehistoric homophobic thinking of the past.

Alan Turingturing-2

An English mathematician, logician and cryptographer, Alan Turing was responsible for breaking the Nazi Enigma code during World War II. His work gave the Allies the edge they needed to win the war in Europe, and led to the creation of the computer.

Turing took his own life in 1954, two years after being outed as gay. Homosexuality was still a crime in Great Britain at the time, and Turing was convicted of “indecency.”   Turing endured what was at the time called, chemical castration.  Having had his heyday.  Having had the utmost of British security clearance…Turing no longer could succumb to the unease…He died from eating an apple laced with cyanide. He was only 41 years old.

Mike Pence –

##Mike Pence is perhaps one of the most anti-LGBTQ evangelical Christian political crusaders to serve in Congress and as governor of a state. Long before he signed the draconian anti-LGBTQ “religious liberty” law in Indiana last year, he supported “conversion therapy” as a member of Congress, and later, as a columnist and radio host, he gave a speech in which he said that marriage equality would lead to “societal collapse,” and called homosexuality “a choice.” Stopping gays from marrying wasn’t biased, he said, but was rather about compelling “God’s idea.”

Ben Carson, who compared homosexuality to pedophilia and incest, is a vice chairman of the transition team and so is Newt Gingrich, who has attacked what he called “gay fascism” and, in 2014, “the new fascism” around LGBTQ rights.