What is Hemp Good For?

What is hemp good for?  Absolutely, or almost, everything.  

Many colonists during the 18th century.  Tired, quiet, industrious, farmers…did not have the same quarrel over weed, hemp, etc., and it’s benefits.  As we do today.  To them smoking a bone held little light over the benefits of hemp.  From clothing to food to armor and lastly, a good buzz: growing hemp had been the meal ticket for many.

When we ever learn nothing lasts.  Nothing that is unless it is of the earth.

Today and Hemp?

Plastics can be replaced with bio-plastics – hemp

Fuel with bio-fuel – hemp



We now have hemp-crete and Hemp Sport’s cars

But my new hemp-improved…favorite?

A pair of rustic, iconic…Levi’s!

Levi Strauss & Co. has created a new line of clothing made with hemp that “feels just like cotton.” Hemp requires far less water and land in the growing phase and has roughly half the carbon footprint of conventionally grown cotton but has not had wide adoption in the apparel industry because of its coarse feel. Now, however, Levi’s has employed a process developed by fiber technology specialists that softens the hemp, giving it a look and feel that is “almost indistinguishable from cotton,” the company says. The new hemp garments in the Wellthread x Outerknown spring/summer collection include jeans and a trucker jacket. They are made with a 70/30 cotton-to-hemp blend. The hemp, sourced from a rain-fed hemp crop, reduced the water used in fiber cultivation by roughly 30%.


Corrupted by Human Emotion

sex is always corrupted by human emotion
sex is always corrupted by human emotion

I closed my eyes on for the moment but the moment past…I tried to see sex in the picture as I always did.
Would my vision of sex be wearing a seductively soft and decades old flannel shirt with a pair of button-fly Levi’s….
Would she be preparing herself with shades of hues matched by no other?
What if sex came from the sky like a dove in mourning?
What if sex shattered the earth with it’s natural beauty engulfed in seas of shame and arousal?
Who would be sex? Who would sex deny and disown? How is sex anything but life on life’s terms?
Sex, indeed may just take the stage by storm shouting,
‘we are no longer in the same book or on the same page!’
-Ambien Grace, Non Existent Artist/Existing to Be