Under the Weather

It is a cluttered step I take…under the weather.

The wilderness calls to me…

Reminding me…’I am the lost soul.’imageedit_14_2355741925

I have surrounded myself with other wanderers.

A circle of seekers…under the weather.

None of us deceived by items we do not need.

But for some there is no tourniquet for the bleed.

THEY take sips from sorrow’s cup.

And, only when the wilderness calls…enough is enough.

Under the weather lies the love.

an Age Difference

The severance of a nerve

The leftover scarsimageedit_3_6632606200

Have I ‘arrived too late?’

Must ache be my fate?

There is a static to the air…while I put aware my cares.

A great sense of having visited a temple built without brick.

A presence of ‘having heart’ in the changing of colors that loom ahead.

Watching as the fields grow…and, wane.

I hear nothing from the sheltering woods…they do not complain.



Dust on the Road


I do not dare…look back.

However, I am drawn to a sudden, slight, turn of fate.

A quick hesitation, powerful…and, distant like an ill flying kite.

There are seconds to oblivion…there I am…a dream.

No longer of this earth.

My sight no longer seen.

lightness 2A mistress to control…

No attempt, no mystery, no exit in which to flee.

Threaded, hallow, posts demeaned by metal thoroughfares.

Soon I could be a speeding holy ghost.

Nothing but a steel skid mark host.



Barking Up the Wrong Tree

It makes the least and, the most amount of sense.

A simple…play fighting 4

‘this is the only road I will ever be on.’

An elder in a pack of three…having barked up the wrong tree.

Never knowing with certainty…

How the chaotic nature of things will regard me.


Thin Line Between Today N Tomorrow

“Perhaps some day I’ll crawl back home, beaten, defeated. But not as long as I can make stories out of my heartbreak, beauty out of sorrow.” – Plath

A wizard, he hovered over the open gas can with…a well lit cigarette.

A ghost from summer’s past…she drove, as though, the heavens were on fire.

Believing destiny can out ride desire.

I cannot shove the madness aside.imageedit_4_9303855981

It is rock heavy with conceit.

Daily a witness to death defining acts.

I am punch drunk from insanity…

Even true love avoids the facts.

As I walk the only road…I have ever been down…

The one that is elusive… and as of yet, untold.

I watch, as my own inevitability protrudes.

Heading down into uncharted foliage.

So vast there is no looking  back…imageedit_5_7351757917

Life, death, is also avoid-ant of the facts.