Lilac by the Barn

I am but a bystander who has praised words of woe and purity. And, I have tried tampering at the landscape! And, I am unwilling to give up on a valiant fight.

These Lilacs that espouse only once a year. These Periwinkles of cascading yearly trials. These Lavenders, offspring to the garish New Hampshire late winter weather, confuse and excite all the same.

I wish to only hold these thoughts but once a year. As a Lilac comes slowly, leaves quickly. Its romance lingers on aesthetics and colorful fear.

Plotting and potting, the toil, I say this quickly. For with earnest steps the springtime will go.

Learn to breathe again…


never hold love against the old stables and fresher flora.

In the depths of all vanity intertwined, such as, vines to a tree…

I promise to embrace your beauty as fleeting as it may be.

Til the Lilac’s Cease

til the lilacs cease 4

I am not a lone wolf,

though, I profess to be.

Broken and barren?

Only when the warmth will not lay down next to me.

til the lilacs cease 5

With the morning’s drawn out,

as if to say,

‘your winter has overcome the Lilac’s of May.’

This, this, is my… daunting midday,

covering splendor like  smoldering sentences of words we did not say..

And, though it has been only a minuscule twilight,

that has separated us,

darkness has absconded with trust.

I have tried to go home for the pretension.

Looking to relieve the tension.


between my heart, my soul and you, lay the secrets I dare not mention.

Among the granite living,

feelings of resentment.

A side of myself that is not meant for public consumption.

Always under the guise of deliberate outward attention.

til the lilacs cease 3

These past few hours,

have led me to believe,

I cannot forget all my cares without, the fix of your stare…


seeing you again…

here and there.