the Way We Act

For you…

For me…

white lies 4an energy from the earth.

A sort of, classical tale of rebirth.


in the cumulative air, a slight whisper…

“I like the way you think…

…But I hate the way you act.”


Mt. Saint Franklin


A sort of chastity, pollutes me.

Hinders my reaction.

Makes living unsustainable.


If it were not for the abandoned house.

The left shoe littered by a white line.

Trails purposely marked but deliberately…hard to find.

Clogs in the sleet and ice.

Boots in the sand.

The oddity of it all interrupting the big plan.

Look Around


Tattered and full of asunder…

with hollow claps of thunder,

acts of tumultuous wonder.

Residue crimes set in burnt sienna dander.


Look around.

Look around.

No sacristy found.

No mercenary quiet calm happening without a sound.


Look around.

The gluttonous mime wears a serious frown.

Look around.

Ravished by rubbish communes abound.

Look around.

Patriot’s filing their nails,

as they drag them on the ground.


Dearest Mother…we promised you nothing and that is what you got.

1000 Acres

1000 acres 7

A thousand acres and there I stood



Misunderstood1000 acres 1



A thousand acres and here I stay

Finally at ease

to travel within a self-imposed abyss

Kick the can

with a shadow of who I am.

A thousand acres

Burned out1000 acres 5

Discarded for no one to see

Yesterdays, today and never again, you and me.

A thousand acres gone by

twilight..nights… fireside

glad tidings

mistaken places to hide

granite grandeur and pictorial flights.

Where is my might?

Tell me

where have you gone?1000 acres

Tell me

what did you do wrong?

You had been the one and only to tolerate

to say, ‘me too’.

Someone who questioned

the mythology of theology.

Someone to harvest my dues.

You and Me and someone that I used to know1000 acres 2

Reap what you sow…

You and Me and someone that I used to know.