Superficiality and Sanity

Why would anyone wait?

As though, a film of dust dilutes the mind.

Leaving only dramatic pause.


Climatic sensibility to celebrate.

I ramble astray…in the revelation of each new day.

Nevertheless, a jaded lady often stands in my way.

How crazy?

To feed the madness.


In a two-way conversation.

Among the animals and balmy breeze.

A certain humbleness lightens an idealistic soul.

The humanness of my distraction…

An easily portrayed role.

I must not mistake great floods.

As removal of my illusion of opulence.

In turn, a mirage of speculations in a book.

Nor…messages on a wall.

In the smallness of reprieve,

everything stands.


everything falls.

Greener Pasture


Cherish moments such as,


when life gathers around toiling feet.

With splinters embedded beneath the nail.

While hay lay stacked…

bale upon bale.

Even as evening’s storms remain a plight.

Alas, no chivalry in what the season’s create.

No precision to articulated measure in the artisan’s fight or flight.

A labor to our demise…

to believe other,

would be unwise.

Still a righteous harvest is ours by design.

To gather one true passion

a fodder to the mind.