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Tilton, New Hampshire
Tilton, New Hampshire

I am in awe of my own conformity.  My own complacency.  My avoidance of charity and awareness.  I had heard/read this story about two months ago.  I chose to not write about it.  I consciously understood that by not bringing to the attention of greater minds…my readers, I would be deceiving my own true beliefs.

True belief in the idea that…I should not wait until an accident happens…before I put my own personal stop sign up.

 I frequent this particular area, of Concord,  from time to time, with my dogs.  Usually it is to let the dogs out, off leash, and, allow them and the Soup Kitchen attendees, to meet.

Many of the homeless once owned animals…and, as is typically the case, have had to surrender them or give them up, due to lack of funds.

What bothered me about my lack of forthcoming…my need to please?

I knew down deep in my heart that whether my writing about this absurd tragedy…would increase knowledge and perhaps, change…I also toyed with the idea that perhaps, the article would not be readable or pleasing to the eye.

Shame on me.

Everyday, for several days, this story has entered my morning meditation.  Yet, I sat and let it go.  Why is it, as humans, do we sit and let…wrong, immoral, acts go?

I’ve researched, current day, if a deal has been struck in relation to this man.

This man who whether good or bad; has he received any posthumous acknowledgement.  I’ve yet to come up with anything permanent.  Vague small articles have been written.  Nothing much physical done!

I did not know this man who passed.  Whatever his history, it should not matter.  At the time of the incident, he had been an innocent man.

find relevance in today
find relevance in today

‘After all, there are two aspects of ignorance, one of peace as well as, one of torment.  I have always sought the first; but the tantalizing Goddess persists in showing me the second.’

-Gamaliel Bradford

Homeless Man Struck on I-393 Passes Away

Gene Parker, 62, was hit on Jan. 28, while trying to navigate his wheelchair on the Interstate due to snow blocking the sidewalks.
Homeless Man Struck on I-393 Passes Away

CONCORD, NH – The homeless man who was struck on I-393 in his wheelchair while trying to roll from South Commercial Street to North Main Street has passed away due to his injuries.

Gene Parker, 62, died on Jan. 31, 2016, with family and friends at Concord Hospital.

Parker was hit at around 7 p.m. on Jan. 28, on the eastbound side of the Interstate. Friends had rolled him up South Commercial Street and were behind him when he was hit. Parker was taken to Concord Hospital with serious injuries, according to comments made by family and friends on Facebook. The highway was closed for a number of hours as the incident was investigated. Neither alcohol nor drugs were factors and no charges have been filed against the driver, according to Concord Police.

Parker, according to online records, was a registered sex offender, having been convicted of two felonious sexual assault charges in 2001. He was previously convicted of theft, trespass, violation of a protective order, and duty to inform. He was trying to turn his life around after years of alcohol abuse, according to press reports, and had repaired relations with at least one of the victims, a family member, according to an advocate. In 2010, before he was paroled, Parker requested to be kept in prison in order to be better prepared for release, according to an Associated Press report. He lost his limbs due to frostbite and during surgery last week, lost more of his legs and had two collapsed lungs, due to the accident.

During the past few days, many in the homeless community and their advocates have been angered that the sidewalk– the shortest route between The Friendly Kitchen and North Main Street – has not been cleared. The night after the accident, numerous people grabbed shovels and began clearing the sidewalk themselves, according to a post on Facebook. The city, however, maintains that it is an Interstate highway system and should not be used by pedestrians even though there is a sidewalk there. The agreement with the city, as part of the site plan review, also states that the soup kitchen would work with the state to make sure the sidewalks were cleared.


Charles in Charge: Franklin NH

For several reasons I just can not let go of last night’s city councilmen meeting; topic-request for funds   from outside agencies. I don’t know if it was councilmen Cournoyer’s remark about shooting stray cats. His strong arm tactic of raising his voice to every woman who approached the podium or just his blatant lack of respect for anyone other than himself. I had been in virgin territory, I admit, when attending only my second big city of Franklin Council-Retire-Men meeting. Thank god I have medications that I take for my ailments. Charlie C., seems to have missed a few doses. He single-handedly lit into a representative from C.A.P. A woman of course. He than grumbled about, “well we give you guys a place to hang a sign don’t we?” C.A.P. rep., was aghast, as was I. Of course, you give the wonderful folks down at Community Action Program a place to call home! They do all your dirty work! Charlie must have leveled out on the Lithium for the next two speakers requesting monies from the city were given a chance to represent themselves. Oh, wait, Charlie didn’t just level out, the next two speakers were men. Now, it’s all making sense. By the time I approached the bench, nose pierced, skin art and rainbow happy, Charlie had had just about enough. “Who are you? Where did you come from? Do you even live in the city of Franklin?” Geez, I hit pay dirt! This lunatic, after hearing of my sincere desire to keep an Animal Shelter in Franklin, decided I was a lesbian spawn that needed to be evicted. In ending, all the boys had their way with me. Yammering back and forth about stray cats and shooting them. I guess the most unfortunate part to this whole verbal defecation via Mr. Cournoyer is we have him until 2015. Look out ladies, Charles is in Charge!

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