Criminal Heart

There are these moments where I cease to exist.

Moments I dare not wish away.

Such like, a slight vulnerability we dare not display.

Though a lover may profess their love on any given day.

My crimes of the heart…

Dark and blistery.

And, lonely the roads I have chosen.

Chosen to stay within the refrain of the sane.

Triumphantly, no matter the luster…

Rear-view glances to all hereafters.

Are mine to define.

No fault moments…

Placed in the attic of my mind.

I Wish

I wish I were a lingering cloud.

I would never have let you down.

I wish I were a great boulder.

Better able to withstand the storm.

I wish I were a great manuscript.

My words would be my bond.

I wish I were a lilac.

A forever remembrance of summer’s song.

I wish I were the sacred night.

And, the rebirth that comes with morning’s light.

I wish I were a glistening river.

To soothe yours needs.

I hope to transcend the ugliness.

And, believe in beauty…

As you believe.