Pacing the Cage

Sunset is an angel weeping. Holding out a bloody sword. No matter how I squint I cannot make out what it's pointing toward. Sometimes you feel like you've lived too long. Days drip slowly on the page. You catch yourself... Pacing the cage. I've proven who I am so many times. The magnetic strip's worn … Continue reading Pacing the Cage


the Good in Good-bye

How far down can I be? From the life that swallowed me. Wandering down the same faded lanes. Looking for mythical messages... In this, the most old-fashioned of New Hampshire towns. Where antiquated becomes motionless. Laying about without a sound! I would put a name to the provocation. But am not quite sure how. It … Continue reading the Good in Good-bye

Bye and Not Gone

Never much for memories. Not much for tell-tale songs. But I loaded up today... And, I had been brought back to the notion... That you were gone.   It had not been the sun. It had not been the warmth. It had been simply... 'fare thee, well.'   Mystery starts in all that it holds. … Continue reading Bye and Not Gone


Dear Loved One, Struggling through the last few days, have been an infliction of what was, and what I knew would always be.  If I could put a handle on time spent with you.  Nice and complete.  Red, steel and made for pouring nourishment over the land...I would. But that image is not mine to … Continue reading Dearest

Between a Poem and a Reflection

I brought my misery and discomfort down to the water. Washing the pain. As if it were both sane and insane. ♠ Rolling it over. Caressing all sides. A loose hallucinogenic thought from my...forever tousled head. Death, be not a, pebble or diamond... That is mulled over in the rough. Neither fractured. Or, whole. No … Continue reading Between a Poem and a Reflection