Vagabond Ties

Ashes of particles, light as the air I breathe.

Just a matter of human debris.

How could any of this rationale be anything but our own destiny?

For all we know, dreams that will got away.

And, no amount of substance will make them stay.

Windows we once believed to be clear as day?

Simply fixed particles, for an imaged display.

Basic explanations to love’s effort…that will go about…its own way.

I have tried to reason away the care you give me.

Offered up logical examples for our bliss.

Yet, there always remained a nonsensical skylight’s array to why WE exist.

I am not a poet…but I play one through my words.

Alas, all that I can come up with is

an absolute loving of a vagabond…

still strikes me of being a notion that is absurd.

Stella and I

A cat will be your friend long as, you believe in one sided relationships.
A cat will be your friend forever…as long as, you believe in one sided relationships.

I wait for you by drudged day

by narrow minded night.

I sit on your pampered pedigree

with haggard plight.

Ass Up...Everybody!
Ass Up…Everybody!

Though to your guest

I am your best kept secret

best kept…

out of sight.

The shrink says,

‘let her go’

The priest beckons,

fancied feast are gluttonous


polished furs are confessions for down below.


I sit,

I’ve sat,


I pat.

I hold your every gaze.

Still to you

I am nothing but a human slave…

humility’s two legged mistake.