Cedar Chips and All It Delights

Moist the air that brings to light…cedar chips and all it delights

While cantankerous fowl sweet-talk to be gods of the sky

imageedit_1_3165514651Eyes open wide while I release the shutters of months left behind

This passage of rites, fool hardy?

Nudged, I arise to this transformation of movement

So, when it stirs, I stir

When it darkens I lament


Looking In with Outside Eyes

I look at the faces of those I have yet to meet…

and, with their sheltered glance back.

100_1215I wonder what it is they see.

Solitary in this chilled climate.

My greeting of gratitude have loss their appeal.

The slow melt of morning’s snow.

These ‘one size’ fits all deceits…are all mine.

Looking in with outside eyes.

I have no time for a complacent mind.


right now, red on green

soon to be, red on whitejunk 1

such is, simplicity’s plight

indistinguishable from every other day

that is until life among the wind…begins to sway

nature, a wonder, as I blow like rubbish from here to there

all the junk knowledge I have received…

none of it of this earth

junk 2

the Way We Act

For you…

For me…

white lies 4an energy from the earth.

A sort of, classical tale of rebirth.


in the cumulative air, a slight whisper…

“I like the way you think…

…But I hate the way you act.”