Love, as it is

I wonder too much.  And, like many artists, so often I think...'is there no way to turn this off?' NO manner in which to avoid those restless nights of sleep.  Dreams of bridges, mixed with words...aligned with sentences. And, come morning...they are gone! So much subject little time. Yet, there is one item of … Continue reading Love, as it is


to Kiss a Rainbow

If I avoid her...the fist comes, tender, but...abrupt. How dare the game to ask me to explain? The fragility hangs loose on my lips. The danger invokes my boxed up mind. But no explanation will raise my spirits. Yet, in truth... No one else but me... Will ever fit. She Used to be Mine It's … Continue reading to Kiss a Rainbow

Perceptions of You

Time is not relevant when I am with you. As though, a morning's rush... Had taken both my shoes. Unusual or not... I tread so lightly on the air. Barefoot or not... I hold tightly to the image of your cares. ∞ And, the day... Never set anew without my recollections of you. ∞ So, … Continue reading Perceptions of You

Feral or Not

I had been told... "Stay away.  For close to a... full day.  Four kittens have come to pay a visit.  And, if you return too soon, a house run on riot.  Would be all that you see!" ... "Nothing but...Mess and toys and jingle bells cluttering the doorway.  Little tiny beings who have to stay!"