As A Home Confides

There have been holes. Holes in the wall. Holes to the sky. Blankets for caressing. Blankets in which, I could collect my cares. But within the secrets of dim light... Somewhere between the darkest hours and fitful sleep. I am consigned to the sounds. The sounds of my home, at night. ∞ The purr of … Continue reading As A Home Confides


The Truth of a Dog

She had lost part of the family. She had lost...a friend. And, for the first time in a long while, I turned the car radio down. I had pushed pass a time to begin...again. My intention? To pay attention to all the passing souls. To give notice towards those for whom the bell has toll-ed. … Continue reading The Truth of a Dog

Proximity of Love

The proximity of this love. Its grasp, taxing and foreboding. Tunnels of light seem far-reaching, caring and giving. Always surprising... daring my deepest insecurity. Blindsided, my truth can tumble. It can fall. I can appraise myself of virtue. Yet, in love, the close proximity... makes me feel quite small.  

flesh tone

she wants more, more, more i wonder why is it to control the secrets she wishes to hide when i delve into this hidden world. i feel, as though, an accomplice everything and all, in the here and now nonetheless, i am a welcomed guest and, she and her secrets are freed somehow

Fine Lines We Share

The fine lines we share... Go everywhere, and no where, at once. I ask her, 'Will you love me, as I grow old?' This is a questioning fable I have often told. And, yet, the insecurities have grown less bold.   The fine lines have grown more pronounced... Around our hands. Our eyes. Everywhere, youth … Continue reading Fine Lines We Share