Tower of Towanda


There is no doubt to what I had seen.

It came to me,

as if it were a dream.

A wise old, mage.

Smiled and greeted me without disdain.


I sat and waited.

Waited and rested.

Prone to any word of worthy, I may hear.

Licking my flaws by the jubilant light of day.

Bathing in the fervor of self-satisfaction.

This visionary,

was obviously…

no mere roadside attraction.


As life will,

my illumination,

the luminary,

went from rose to thorn.

It would that my presence had become an unwelcome mat…

bothersome and very worn.

There is no place of rest,

more uncomfortable,


lying near a cat who has been put upon.



Reticent Rubble

the grove 2

The War and the Peace…wash over me.

Remote and distant…I am not what I appear to be.
Sages and Mages and Philosophers and such…
have come here.
Their guile has spoken to the river’s run wild.
Yet, alone, one by one, they perch…
And, I am not in their final shrewd search.
Granite solid, wet and understated and an overgrown child.
Civilizations have gone astray inspite of my style.
War and Peace have come to my shore.
Searching for an easy door.
Missing the reticent rubble…looking for the golden ore.