With Love at the Table

If we were to meet along a deserted and silent Avenue? What would be my due? If Love walked in with visions of secretive beauty... What would my heart assign me to do? As though, Love lay in the off shadows of midday. Languished with only a name's sake. Could I have the courage to … Continue reading With Love at the Table


Trinkets for the Soul

My love glides back and forth. Up and down... The stairs. Completely...unaware. As I suffer with my self-pity. Cover myself in stages of disappointment... A quick quip. A random smile. And, that is how my love...reminds me. What is love? If not for something to give to another. As if, a trinket kept secret inside … Continue reading Trinkets for the Soul

Perceptions of You

Time is not relevant when I am with you. As though, a morning's rush... Had taken both my shoes. Unusual or not... I tread so lightly on the air. Barefoot or not... I hold tightly to the image of your cares. ∞ And, the day... Never set anew without my recollections of you. ∞ So, … Continue reading Perceptions of You

Our Hole in the Wall

Hole in the wall. Behold...all that is dear. Behind your former shine. Pictured portraits... Refined. Black on white. Perhaps, dismal days. Once the passion grew. Now those moments, 'oh so, gray!'

Hard to Hold

The heart. Her heart. Brings me home. Just as sure as, a door shuts.  And, a bag gets unpacked. Always, reminiscent... True love, is aware of the facts. ∀ I am removed and placed upon a former shelf. Life, begins to...unpacks itself. ∀ When, quagmires, await my vague footprints. My love takes a restless hand. … Continue reading Hard to Hold