Thank You, Elmo!

In spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.” “We adopt the means of nonviolence because our end is a community at peace with itself. We will try to persuade with our words, but if our words fail, we will try to persuade with our acts. #Martin Luther King Jr.

I for an I

somebody else's heart 2

“Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.”
Gautama Buddha

It seems to many, that hate can be fought with hate.  That somehow, by not pledging an eye for an eye…we are not paying homage to the dead.

It is a sad way to pay tribute to those who have been sacrificed in the name of god, freedom, politics, whatever, by vowing vengeance.

Again, if nothing else, history has showed us again and again, that the only means in which to combat venomous acts, is through love, peace and empathetic action.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King jr. A Testament of Hope


the Laws of an over abundant imagination



‘getting by in a small town with an over abundant imagination’

  • It is less important to rid yourself of bad gas:

    than to fill yourself with bloated thoughts.

  • 90 percent of life is…

    Shit Happens!

  • To respect the virtue of, to Live Simply…

    One must simply learn not to breathe.

  • For someone in recovery there are far worse alternatives than

    caffeine and cigarettes.

life happens life happens

  • When you swim alone in a fish tank…

    expect to deteriorate via causes self made.

  • Life is a matter of reverse or forward…

    there is no neutral.

  • Avoidance is the shortest route to


  • Struggles will come

    struggles will go

    It’s what you do about it…

    is what social media would like to know.

  • Paranoia in moderation…never hurt anybody

    Paranoia in overdrive gets people elected.

  • Settling with imperfect thoughts is a sure fire way to

    practice what society preaches.

  • I am a freak, nonconformist. Born disjointed from the beginning of recorded time. There are others like me. Perhaps, we will never rule the world but that would limit our expectations of ‘self’.
  • Definition of technicolor thought: looking haters in the eye whilst throwing rainbows at happens