Mind Full

I ask, who wants to be…that mindful?

It is akin to stopping at a crosswalk…with no one there.

Caution, amplified by panic.

The same song,

over and over again.

A slight replacement for manic.

Don’t panic.

Then manic…all over…again and again.

Her Stigma, My Love

Image result for nami new hampshire may is mental health month

Slight as it is, it is that breathable moment.

A blemish that is to be…

my lover’s crisis…

And, only my reverence by circumstance.

Anything I had to offer?

All makeshift and half understood.

A pocket of indulged loose change.

Yet, I hold no true understanding

I could never enter the game.

My lover’s deep compassionate brown eyes uncovering…nonnegotiable enemies.

Sporadic voices with meaningful names, ted, tuesday…holiday x.

Agile as a bad memory…running into view.

In a breathable moment

A lover’s reality can prolong your fool.imageedit_13_9124626990