What Happens in the Camper

Trailer, camper, life on the run. I envision you settled in the sides of a granite mountain. Nothing more. Nothing less. No fuss. Little mess.


As A Home Confides

There have been holes. Holes in the wall. Holes to the sky. Blankets for caressing. Blankets in which, I could collect my cares. But within the secrets of dim light... Somewhere between the darkest hours and fitful sleep. I am consigned to the sounds. The sounds of my home, at night. ∞ The purr of … Continue reading As A Home Confides

Fastened to the Earth

It is not the colorful display of flowers that enlists me. Though the warmth they bring. I await eagerly. The majesty of a tree...I could ponder, again and again. Its weight. Its shelter. Its ability to defend. There is truth to the pine, the ash, the birch. An honesty to being fastened to the earth. … Continue reading Fastened to the Earth

Winter’s Apple

Apple tree at recess. Who could ask for more? Charging to the front of a memorable mind. Flashes of after clashes. And, what has come before. A bit of history to endorse nature's tranquility.

Truth, Compassion, Forbearance: Falun Gong

  Christianity became a weighted brick upon my poor ankle.  More central to the point, Catholicism, imaged itself as a, catalyst to family values...Family values that shackled my innermost feelings. It was in the thickest of 'shame' I lived.  Adulthood provided, for me, a sink or swim mentality.  A Higher Power seemed a country mile … Continue reading Truth, Compassion, Forbearance: Falun Gong