the Day After Yesterday

Today, I watch the dogs frolic. As though, the mossy plot were brand new and clean. As though, the earth below them were all it seemed. Give sway! The elements recall it, a morn to a new day. With piney cones gathered in moss. And, fields asunder, haled and dressed. With hunter's revoked. And, the … Continue reading the Day After Yesterday


Letting My Impediments Loose

There is a farm, awaiting an oak to tumble and fall. I am not sure... I would have the same glorious, gall. Roughing it out, insidious and meek, hands partaking the thanks... And, the giving. Could I forbade this bulk of life and give it, allowance. Heavy husk may overcome me. And, saunter the words, … Continue reading Letting My Impediments Loose

Staring Down Winter

On and on, a breeze. Endlessly, the rain. Yet, no place leftover. That would keep the sane. With a hush blowing in the winds. And, late clover, for all cares. A shadow of far off distances. And, the knowledge of winter's stare.

Tender To the Core

Transgression? Low lying branch on a fertile apple tree. How cumbersome? You are shaken to your knees. ∇ Alas, I too. Am enthralled by the tapping of a foot. The fidgeting of a hand. All of the harvest... weighing heavily. Often more than one can stand. ∇ Do your voices take you? They take me. … Continue reading Tender To the Core

Late August Winds

Lackluster cluster...verging on retreat. The daylight ascending... higher and higher. Lighter and lighter. I am, as always, not willing to say, 'goodbye.' Ill prepared for the crystal clear moments... From the night's sky. ∞ Fall crab apples have begun to float hastily to the water's edge. Such is summer's past and, manners all to their … Continue reading Late August Winds