Gone, Gone, Gone…with Obamacare

ben franklin
If you need help.  Your hope dangling by a string.  I will share in your suffering to make you well.  -P.Phillips

Sometimes, it is less difficult to connect the dots to the actions we must take, as to not offend, someone.  As it does to, offend.  I believe it is a personal mythical goal of mine, to upset as many persons, as possible, before my time is through.  Either here on earth, or down in the, oh, so wonderful, balmy, weather, of hell.

At first, my inclination, with Obamacare, would take aim, with pen and paper and keyboard, at, republican woman.  I wanted to know such things as:

Don’t we share the same reproductive organs?

Is it okay for Sally to give birth to a child at the age of 12?  That is, knowing that, Sally had been raped by her father.  Her father, who is a well known, crack addict and I.V., drug user?

Should I, and many female artists I know, not be paid the same wage for the same job?

Should I have to worry, along with finances, heat, food on the table and taking care of my disabled spouse, about medical benefits, that are due to my wife?



What gives?  I paid into the system for over 35 years.  Social Security is not a privilege!  It’s my money!  Isn’t it?

After much consideration,

I decided that narrowing my editorial to just ‘evangelic, over zealous, white, upper middle class, women, would be an injustice.

Is Obamacare flawed?

Yes, indeed.  As is most, historical, unprecedented, government outreaches, are!  Should we attempt to fix an ailing but still quite, prolific, an workable, united health care system?

Shit, yes, we should.

Without much thought, I can count on at least one hand, families, that have benefited from a Universal Health care.  Families that were given the shit end of the shitty stick, just by being born.  Couples, individuals, and alike, who by simple proxy and alignment of the stars, have yet to pass GO and collect $200.

This is neither their fault, nor the fault of their up bringing.  They live in houses where heat is purchased at the local convenience store, at $10, at shot.  They cloth their children with other’s passed by clothing.  They sell family heirlooms, collectibles, and what not, to get thru winter.  Only to see that the beat up old Cavalier will not pass inspection in the spring.

Okay, JEB, Mr. Chris (I need a diet) Christie and/or the a sundry of other republicans, what do you purpose we do?  Take that cancer treatment away?  Cancer treatment that a friend needed but most likely would have not received.  Had it not been for mandated health care.

These are obvious flaws in the republican’s attempt at making nice nice with those who HAVE!  Honestly, they could care less about the have not’s!

So, I will attempt to spin this another way:

Coming up on Groundhog Day, 2016, I hope to have achieved something, my mother never thought possible.  I will, with the grace of a Higher Power, have 15 years of sobriety.

To put it bluntly,

“I woke up one day.  Saw my fucked up looking shadow…and, knew, I needed to quit drinking!”

We are in the midst of not only an epidemic of violence that far out reaches anything I witnessed as a child in the 70’s.  We are also, knee deep and in the thick of it, becoming a nation dependent on Heroin.

Back in the day, you could check in and promise to…pay it forward or pay it back, bit by bit, at rehabs.  That is before, rehabs became the trending topic of conversation.

It should also be noted, that when attending meetings, N.A. and/or A.A., it is typical to see, a housewife, a business person, a public official, etc.

I’m not great at math.  That is why I went into writing and psychology.  But, with that said;  how the hell do we take care of the growing number of addicts?  Who pays for their room and board?  Rehab and mental health counseling does not grow on trees.  And, even if it did, someone would have to pay for those trees!

It is obvious that to combat the on going crisis of addiction in this country, we must provide, healthcare coverage.  It is also evident that the way to stop addiction is by education.  I do not see removal of a Universal Healthcare coverage…as alleviating that issue.


 “My insurance will pay my primary care doctor more for a 10-minute appointment for the flu than it will allow my psychiatrist for an hour-long treatment session. For this reason, my own psychiatrist, along with many others, no longer accepts insurance.”

The situation is not good. In fact, it’s dire in a country where nearly 20 million Americans struggle with substance abuse and 42.5 million adults live with some form of mental illness, according to a Mental Health America report released in November 2014.


This kind of situation should be rectified.  Not eliminated altogether.  In America, these days, it seems we provide the race, give you the sneakers in which to run in, but if you aren’t pass the halfway mark in record time…you become, eliminated.  In more ways than one.freedom

Mental Health is out of our hands New Hampshire

mental illness cannot be ignored
mental illness cannot be ignored


The laws and institutions that believe that guns are the problem.  Use caution with the ‘public figures’ deemed fit to protect us.  Exercise extreme diligence with any persons who say, ‘we should have put that stop sign up before the last two accidents on this very same corner.’

America!  When are you going to get it.  The deaths of hundreds, thousands and even just one are at the hands of those who do not believe our mental health programs are in need of a complete recall.

‘Newtown shooting….police have yet to confirm a motive.’

‘Colorado shooting…police have yet to determine a motive.’

‘LAX shooting…police are unsure of the connection between the suspect and his victims.’

Rose Wiechels

53 years of age


mental status: unhealthy


37 Evergreen Ave

Franklin New Hampshire

I have owned a house in Franklin for going on 6 years and am at a loss as to where to go.  My current situation is as follows.  The names and the actions/arrests are factual.  Rose Wiechels of 37 Evergreen Avenue, Franklin, New Hampshire is my condex neighbor. She has assaulted me twice with a rake within the last year.  She has taken an ambulance that had been parked between our two driveways and driven it.  This occurred whilst my partner was having a grand mal seizure.  Medical care was detained due to this.  The previous neighbor had been hit in the back by Rose with a shovel.  He had to be hospitalized.
She has been video taped on my deck and peering into our windows.  She also as been video taped throwing rocks at my dogs.
The police in Franklin no longer come to our home to address any of these situations because as they put it:
‘Judge Edward Gordon will just let her go again.’
Rose deals with mental health issues.  Which is apparent.  She is a frequent visitor to the state hospital.  That has changed however, for the state hospital will no longer take her due to incorrigible behavior.
My partner also has mental health issues and fears for her life.  I have loss jobs due to the fact that I need to be near the home in case Rose attacks; whether physically or mentally.
I cannot afford to sell the house and I am stuck.
Rose has been deemed by the court system to be incompetent.  Yet, she not too long ago, led the state police on a high-speed chase after a road rage incident on highway 93.
I pay taxes in Franklin.  I am a law-abiding citizen.  I am concerned that this situation will escalate, as it always does, into a very violent and terrible end.
Thank you
Ruth Bowley
39 Evergreen Avenue

Post Script:

I suppose, after talking to an old friend, full disclosure is important.  When I had been drinking and drugging…I hid my illness…though I never hid it well at all.  I suppose I had been ashamed.  When I got together with my spouse almost 12 years ago; we unknowingly began to hide her ‘illness’.  Shame is such a horrible thing.  Megan, my lovely wife, has schizophrenia and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  She has overcome great odds.  Odds and institutions that would kill most people.  What upsets me most about my unhealthy neighbor is that again, as a society, we are brushing mental illness under the rug.  As though it were the distant cousin no one talks about.  Certainly we all know someone who struggles…the first step is acknowledging that we are all human.