The House on Main Street

Tell you what I remember. Slide shows. Kisses goodnight on the cheek. Hardwood floors that announced every creepy, creak. Plath read by dim light. A soiled brown journal... Locked up tight. Angry sentences filled with the holy spirit. Standing in line for the back of the familiar...weathered hand.   How long the hours can be. … Continue reading The House on Main Street


the House that Eugene Built

Had my soul been a house. It would have been filled with spirits of an anonymous kind. Disenchanted mirrors. Spouting monomers, not so refined. The phrase, "I love you." spoken in jest. "I love you." Bringing to my earth only dust. ♠ However, I am not a house. I am a woman made of pliable, … Continue reading the House that Eugene Built

Tender To the Core

Transgression? Low lying branch on a fertile apple tree. How cumbersome? You are shaken to your knees. ∇ Alas, I too. Am enthralled by the tapping of a foot. The fidgeting of a hand. All of the harvest... weighing heavily. Often more than one can stand. ∇ Do your voices take you? They take me. … Continue reading Tender To the Core

Carry On

Some days, no matter the physical, spiritual, mental, discomfort.  The best we can hope for is to... CARRY ON! We are shining stars We are invincible We are who we are On our darkest day When we're miles away So we'll come, we will find our way home ... Though I've never been through hell … Continue reading Carry On

Cowering Cow

I lost it, again the other day. In a word. In a song. As they say, I should have stayed down on the farm. ∧∧∧∧ A break had been given. Milling about. Cowering cow...about. It was only then...a sigh of reprieve. Never to notice the relief...until it leaves.