Ruth, we really mean it this time! Final Notice Democrat!





I wonder are we, democrats, all cut from the same cloth.  I used to think we were.  My family, devote Catholics, have been nothing but hardcore democrats.  Tree hugging, middle class, white folk wanting to build a better world for their children.

Classic argument, ‘did you vote for Jimmy Carter, Janice?  I hope you did!  Why won’t you tell me?’

‘I’m not going to tell you because that is my right!  It’s a free society.  Who I vote for is private and personal!’ slams my mother.

Of course, she voted for Billy’s brother.  But it was her democratic right to keep that information top secret.  God love Democracy.


Yet, as of late, I look around these political arenas.  These den’s designed for denizen’s of phone banks, these family homes splayed open with freedom of speech extremist.  Have all those do good and good things will happen supporters of OBAMA, LYNCH, CLINTON and the KENNEDYS  lost a step?

I hear, let’s get some new blood.  Yet, the screams are from old blue bloods that have held the same seat, been given the same aristocratic privileges, for the same twenty or so years, shouting the same old lines, day after day after political day.  Does my fellow political volunteer with their house on a hill.  With their LL Bean Duck boots.  With their earth friendly coffee mugs filled with fair trade coffee.  Does this well off, no dirt under the nails, no broken down stance from years on a factory floor, does this elitist democrat really want change?  Or, is it just good politics?  Really?  Who’s life and lively hood is at stake?  Theirs or mine?


This is a current mailing from my friends up on the Hill.  Course, enough is never enough when both sides of the aisle have too much already:

Ruth — This is the final notification of your member status before tonight’s FEC fundraising deadline. Name: Ruth Bowley Supporter record: 13345402 Suggested Support: $3.00 We were not expecting this: we are just 850 away from hitting 500,000 online donations! We’ve never gotten this far this fast! Hitting the half-million mark would be a BIG deal for our campaign to win a Democratic House for President Obama. Let’s step up, shatter that record, and leave John Boehner and Paul Ryan in the dust.

Obscenity? The rich is getting richer and richer and richer while the middle class is getting more poor.  Making billions and billions and billions of bucks.   Well my friend if you weren’t already rich at the start well that situation just sucks. Cause the riches mother fucker in five of us is getting ninety fuckin eight percent of it and every other motherfucker in the world is left to wonder where the fuck we went with it Obscenity? I’m a Senator I gotta raise $10,000 a day every day I’m in Washington. I ain’t getting it in South Central. I’m gettin it in Beverly Hills.

So I’m votin from them in the Senate the way they want me too and-and-and I’m sending them my bills.  But we got babies in South Central dying as young as they do in Peru. We got public schools that are nightmares. We got a Congress that ain’t got a clue.We got kids with submachine guns. We got militias throwing bombs. We got Bill just gettin all weepy. We got Newt blaming teenage moms.We got factories closing down. Where the hell did all the good jobs go? Well, I’ll tell you where they went.My contributors make more profits makin, makin, makin, Hirin’ kids in Mexico!

Oh a brother can work in fast food. If he can’t invent computer games. But what we used to call America. That’s going down the drains! How’s a young man gonna meet his financial responsibilities workin and motherfuckin Burger King? He ain’t! And please don’t even start with that school shit.  There aint no education going on up in that motherfucker. Obscenity? We got a million brothers in prison.  I mean, the walls are really rockin. But you can bet your ass they’d all be out.If they could play like Johnny Cash.

The constitution is supposed to give them an equal chance. Well, that ain’t gonna happen for sure. Ain’t it time to take a little from the rich motherfucker and give a little to the poor? I mean, those boys over there on the monitor they want a government smaller and weak. But the be speakin for the riches 20 percent when they pretend they’re defendin the meek.  Now, shit, fuck, cocksuker, that’s the real obscenity! Black folks livin with every day. Trying to believe a mothefuckin word Democrats and Republicans say.  Obscenity? I’m Jay Billington Bulworth And I’ve come to say:

The Democratic party’s got some shit to pay. It’s gonna pay it in the ghetto. It’s gonna pay it in the trailer parks and not just being freebies at McD’s!

  The movies, the tabloids, TV and magazines.  They tell us what to think and do.  They make up all our hopes and dreams. All this information makes America phat! But if the company’s outta the country. How American is that? But we got Americans with families that can’t even buy a meal. Ask a brother who’s been downsized if he’s getting any deal! Or a white boy bustin ass til they put him in his grave. He ain’t gotta be a black boy to be livin like a slave…

Rich people have always stayed on top by dividing white people from colored people. but white people got more in common with colored people then they do with rich people. We just gotta eliminate them. White people, black people, brown people, yellow people, gay people, women who want rights, vets who need help; get rid of ‘em all!  All we need is a voluntary, free spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial/gender/sexual orientation deconstruction. Everybody just gotta keep fuckin’ everybody til they’re all the same color

With all the free, there goes another tree, literature we send the least you can do is acknowledge that you once cared!  Write, call or simply send an instagram so we are confident you haven’t fallen to the wayside like the rest of the uninsured!


Frankie and John Q Public

Dear Poor and Slovenly Soul,

We are pleased to let you know that the Affordable Care Act/ is designed to help those directly inflicted by the poverty level.  For the most part, persons just like you.

Hard worker, middle class, middle-aged and middle American who can’t get a break.  Though it has taken many two full weeks to apply for this new way of putting an old spin on screwing the country…we regret to inform you that you are exempt.

Understand that exempt does not mean you cannot partake in emergency room health care!  Care that is put off until the bitter end because you cannot pay the mortgage and a hundred and fifty dollar bill from a doctor’s visit.  Be assured that if you break a leg, lose a limb and/or find yourself knocking on death’s door you cannot be denied treatment.

Later on, however, when the ER bills become too much somebody make come and take your home.

We would like to suggest you apply for state assistance when looking for healthcare but alas, New Hampshire does not partake in that kind of kindness.


Thank You for paying the IRS on time and building a better America for someone else.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions….

If it is up and running!

Mr. and Mrs. Obamacare America!



Post Script:

While we have your attention please do not forget the following:

stella 3

Ruth — This is the final notification of your member status before tonight’s FEC fundraising deadline.

Name: Ruth Bowley
2013 Support: $0
Suggested Support: $3.00

Ruth — this morning, we told you that, after an onslaught of Republican attacks on Obamacare, the national media thinks it’s time for us to throw in the towel.

Well, your JAW-DROPPING grassroots response proves the skeptics wrong! Just in the last couple hours, over 2,600 supporters have stepped up. And that’s on Black Friday. We can hardly believe it!!!

If we can get 8,700 more donations in the next 24 hours before tomorrow night’s one-year-out filing deadline, it would be a record-breaking show of support for President Obama at this critical moment.

Name: Ruth Bowley
Supporter record: 13345402
Suggested Support: $3.00

24 HOURS LEFT: Donate $3 or *Deadline Soon! - Verify Your Benefits, Eligibility & Enrollment..