an Unruly Pact

Both look back at me.

As though,

I should chastise their play.

The sun…

Bleaching their coats.

With a turn of my head…

I know.

The unruly pack.

Wishes for me to go…

Where they dare to go.

Both dogs…

Forever, blind to the fact that…

I am only human.

Of a certain age…


other factors.

Yet, a rodent, toy-like,

scurries by.

And, provides itself as a, beefy benefactor.

Braver women than I.

Have taken on the guidance…

The taming of four-legged misfits that, like myself.

Lack background or pedigree.


alone with my two friends.

I ponder,

a typical thought…

‘What is it that these friends see…

In me!’



Gang of Strays

Frozen cotton-balls dancing a high-wire act.

Embracing the winds with a buoyant tact.

A novice would start mid sentence or with bleak inquiry…

‘How did I get here?’

A well-trained friend would have run out in-spite inclement weather…drawing near.

Above all else I am now…

reticent to my friends needs.

365 days of good luck and manageable health.

I disregard…humid mud and stinging sleet.

We are… house trained and tend to the inclusive side of the tracks.

Elite gang members.

A pack whose motto calls nature’s bluff,

‘No need to look for trouble.

Trouble will find us soon enough!’

During raw walks with my backwoods dog; Life acquires new perspective and all that had surrounded it, seems irrelevant and needy.


the Canine is mightier than the Sword

sword 1
Dogplay: The ability of a canine to knock down standing and squatting objects. This behavior is typically based on sheer will, stubbornness and defiance…alone.