On the Boardwalk

Sometimes, it is misery that brings me here. I once a year declaration to a mirage so close...So near. With further toil. I know that is not the end result. Turmoil...being the Utopian lack of doubt. The salt that falls between the crack in the lines. No requiem for heat. No casket for pine. Only … Continue reading On the Boardwalk


Zen n the Art of Moped Maintenance: Rte.132

It is not as though I haven't been this route before.  The best word, which isn't so eloquent to describe my feelings... had been, green, greener and greenest! But after seducing my biker butt back into a more comfortable enviroment; certainly, green does not do it justice. When you ride there is a feeling of … Continue reading Zen n the Art of Moped Maintenance: Rte.132

Down the Pike News

Duh Blonde and the Bald: Salisbury, Nah Hampsha. staff writer: Fanny Sharted It had come down the Pike that the local order but not fraternal, Bent on Bikes were called upon to perform a search and rescue. The Angry Lesbian and Grumpy Old Man Landscaping Co., had gone missing. Better said, Duh Blonde, from the above … Continue reading Down the Pike News

Vertigo Value

    “Mountains should be climbed with as little effort as possible and without desire. The reality of your own nature should determine the speed. If you become restless, speed up. If you become winded, slow down. You climb the mountain in an equilibrium between restlessness and exhaustion. Then, when you're no longer thinking ahead, … Continue reading Vertigo Value