Letting My Impediments Loose

There is a farm, awaiting an oak to tumble and fall. I am not sure... I would have the same glorious, gall. Roughing it out, insidious and meek, hands partaking the thanks... And, the giving. Could I forbade this bulk of life and give it, allowance. Heavy husk may overcome me. And, saunter the words, … Continue reading Letting My Impediments Loose


the Secret to Making the Best Person

“Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.”  Walt Whitman     Upon, first sight, a tingling fear of the social orphan.  The messenger from a village made of stone.  She wore no 'safety' harness, while traveling … Continue reading the Secret to Making the Best Person

Nature’s Song

In the shade. It had not been so easy. So simple, to see. What I had witness before. The dancing radiance...outside my back door. But, in due course, the scattering of acorn tops... Kept my sight in touch. The basement rummaging, squirrels... that appear. Just out of touch. The prancing of dogs. Swaying their feathered … Continue reading Nature’s Song

Rain Pelts…

The rain, so real, against my skin. Damp reminders of... Where I have and have not been. Timber, askew from a soggy past. Stray and lost, falling like broken glass. I sit... Transfixed by what is so common. A life that can easily be forgotten. ∞ The rain pelts against fairer days. Wild the bird … Continue reading Rain Pelts…

Francis and the Garden

With the watering, came the changing, scattering of leaves. Along the line of vagrancy, came the thoughts. Mirrored images...of you. Of course, it is your time of year. Those Irish eye's laughing in the rain. Not to be overcome. Memories of you. Tears like a forest filled with dew.   A gold cross with a … Continue reading Francis and the Garden