Francis and the Garden

With the watering, came the changing, scattering of leaves. Along the line of vagrancy, came the thoughts. Mirrored images...of you. Of course, it is your time of year. Those Irish eye's laughing in the rain. Not to be overcome. Memories of you. Tears like a forest filled with dew.   A gold cross with a … Continue reading Francis and the Garden


Behind Every Bouncing Plastic Bag

There's a lady who's sure All that glitters is gold And she's buying a stairway to heaven...Zepplin   The man in the black hat asked, "What makes you so sure?" A simple response... "Old insights and, of course, women's intuition!" ... A water, falling. No end insight. No need for a mother's prediction! No need … Continue reading Behind Every Bouncing Plastic Bag

Not for the Taking

Faintly, laying about. Without care. No needs for what is here... Nor, what is there... I persevere these thoughts... When utmost alone. A shelter in place... Daily adding new aesthetics to my considerate home. No running... To and fro. Focus is upon lazily greeting budding mushrooms. Earthy oak. And, frothy flowers. Lovely is the taste... … Continue reading Not for the Taking

Repaired with Care

There is relief for us... Somewhere in the forest of our dreams. A broken down... Repair with despair. Wooden, spindled, chair. Let there be no promises made. Only hope covered in moss and unnamed flowers. There is relief for us. There is hope in nature. It is in the depths of unknown. It is no … Continue reading Repaired with Care

Mushrooms in the Forest

The fight remains in the hand tossed rubble and rubbish. the ache that wakes. Not paradise up close and focus tight. But by innate tapestry under the sun's light. No treading a path beyond fine. The superfluous for the mind.