Where Are My Pink Canada Mints?!


I have literally spent the last two weeks searching for two things:

A mouse pad! That’s right…a simple, useful, device for the desk!


Pink Canada Mints for when I get parched!

Not too far down the road from this the smallest, big city in New Hampshire is, Revere, Massachusetts.  A lovely high crime city.  It is mostly known as a burial ground for the Southies of Boston.

Side note:  I once spent a night in a mortuary…in a coffin…in Revere.  But that is another story for another time.

Long story short, the Necco company thought it would be cheaper to just close down…instead of removing the ‘scat’ and rodents…discovered within the machines.

So now WE have no more candy hearts, Necco Wafers, Mary Janes and Pink Canada Mints.

How hard is it for some sugar company to pick up the ball and run…with this one?

The loosing of the Malted Milk Balls did not phase me that much.  Though, I do enjoy chocolate Necco Wafers.

But WTF!

Because of my internal hysteria…I have up’d my meds.  So much so that I delusional-ly envisioned my desk with:

  • a boombox
  • cassette tape of ABBA’s greatest hits

    Roach clip. Metal clip or holder used to hold a marijuana joint, to prevent burning of the fingers.
  • a roach clip with feathers dangling off


  • a jug of Maddog 20/20

Winter in Oz

Broad is not the outreach.

In the land of weathered Oz.

An influx of flexible impossibility, written among the clouds and stars.

Nature’s waiting room of ‘days to come.’

Pastures green with ivory toppings.

Cowardly lions uttering out,

words of wisdom.

Forest of foresight…

Life in a northern town.

No pots of gold.

No yellow brick road.

Only tin-men made of leftover staples.

Stretching out a poor-man’s rotted maples.

Denim debutantes trading in their ruby reds for gathered treasures at the VFW’s lost and found.

It is a solemn road that leads to life in a northern town.



Farms, Barns and Trucks…New Hampshire

There are photographs…They are black and white.  They are what lead me to what is wrong…What is right!

Beauty is Ugly. Ugly is Beauty

I do not travel with a camera of great expense.  I do not travel with gadgets to improve the photographic experience.  I travel for the experience.