Staring Down Winter

On and on, a breeze. Endlessly, the rain. Yet, no place leftover. That would keep the sane. With a hush blowing in the winds. And, late clover, for all cares. A shadow of far off distances. And, the knowledge of winter's stare.


Not for the Taking

Faintly, laying about. Without care. No needs for what is here... Nor, what is there... I persevere these thoughts... When utmost alone. A shelter in place... Daily adding new aesthetics to my considerate home. No running... To and fro. Focus is upon lazily greeting budding mushrooms. Earthy oak. And, frothy flowers. Lovely is the taste... … Continue reading Not for the Taking

Granite Labyrinth

Rummaging early. There had never been a cave to hide my heart. As the strings pulled... Auspicious had been the woods, the hearth... The mangled weeded twine beneath my bare-feet... Had been only make-believe. An exclusive story for my yearned for retreat. ⊗ With a long, last. A dog, a butterfly. A road that leads … Continue reading Granite Labyrinth

the Road it took to get Here

The road it took to get here, had been some spare change on the ground. An unlucky penny head side down. A permanent ride behind a wheel. The further back the seat? The less I would feel. A field of ragweed. An all it sheds. Fueling the dander in my head. Visions of vivid lovers...telling … Continue reading the Road it took to get Here

Idle Thoughts on a Gravel Road

The air is ripe with mustard, sweet and sour. Leaflet of grass... Drenched in clove. Green onion accosting the gravel road... And, heaven's above. No trails to speak. Just an agreeable, steered,  waif. A four-legged creature... Somewhat close to the ground. Lumber some, oh the glory of! In and out of sight...without a sound.