Riding Shotgun

He is, after all, ‘a restless spirit on an endless flight.’

The noblest of companions.

With a side of heroic proportions.

While laying thick…in the purest delights.

Unaware to anything, I secretly watch my sidekick…

As he sets forth to ride shotgun.side kick 2

No high-priced gadgets.

No over stuff toys for fun.

Gratification, always raw.

Peace of mind, forever new.

My four-legged child’s first day at school.


Dissident’s Creative Curse


There are of course, many inclinations, I wanted to tackle first.

This idea alone?

A dissidents creative curse.


there is the task of dusting a night’s sleep away from the day’s dreaming…eyes.

Unannounced,  I had fits of  apprehension…when lingering over paw printed indentation in the turf.  

Bleached fresh, angelic distractions, communing with the earth.

I hold fast to a nearby neglected tree.

Scattered notions have set me free…

And, with little motivation, I am lost in the marvel over morning’s birth.

Traveling lightly nature’s daylight  announces… little girth.