Common Call

Sticks and stones.
Battle zones.
A single light bulb.
On a single thread for the black sirens wail.
History fails.
Rose-colored glass begins to age and crack.
While the politicians shadowbox.
The power ring in an endless split decision.
Never solve anything from a neighbor’s distant land.
I heard the strain of the common man.

Well the world seems spent.
And, the president has no good idea.
Of who the masses are.
Well I’m one of them!
And,  I’m among friends
We’re trying to see beyond the fences in our own backyards.
I’ve seen the kingdoms blow.
Like ashes in the winds of change.
But the power of truth?
Is the fuel for the flame!
So the darker the ages get…
There’s a stronger beacon yet.

Let it be me!
If the world is night.
Shine my life…like a light.

In the kind word you speak…

In the turn of the cheek…

When your vision stays clear…
In the face of your fear…
Then you see turning out a light switch.
Is their only power.
When we stand like spotlights.
In a mighty tower.
All for one… And, one for all.
Then we sing the common call!

This is not a fighting song.

Not a wrong for a wrong!

Indigo Girls – Let It Be Me


Pleased to Meet You

lies 1


the scars of yesterday, still open and raw.


less memorable, or so you thought.

Jumped in dirty.

Came out the same way.

Letting the ego get the best of you?


Bigger than a breadbox.

Less memorable, or so you thought.

‘Got to stop believing in all my lies.

Too much to do…before I die.’

lies 3

This cell


its attire.

Me with my wink and all the things…lost in the fire.

Never believe me when I tell you,

youth is in me.

Nor, my innocence is purchased free.

‘Never hell, to well, for you or me.’

lies 2
Who killed our heroes?  After all, it was you and me.