Beaver Chew

Hot are the embers to my open eyes

Always as I await

grounded turkey’s looking for flight

fist-ed fiddle-heads and ferns, as they unleash their plight.

I await

methodical cow

browsing turtles.

I await for life to cross Shingle Camp Road.

Even though, infinitely, critical of how I am smitten…

I anticipate.

I listen.

Attempts are plain…

the beaver’s chew

the No-See- Um’s bleak journey for flowers…old and new.

I abide the noisy splendor of live free or die.

All creatures, great and small, renegades when movement collides.

No See Um’s? A minute bloodsucking insect, especially a biting midge.

An Ambiguous Altar

altar 2


Ambiguous bird what draws you here?

Certainly not the faulty footprints.

Nor the clamor of urban noise.

Your presence looms in the quietness of your poise.

Some have come to track your freedom.

Announcing that they will take…your matters, into their hands.

Bragging to other wasteful matters…

extinction is but a grandstand.

But pecks of truth distort their decay.

altar 3

I, too, have often stayed flight for fear of falling.

Ambiguous bird, I too,  have heard the god’s calling.

altar 1

In the air…today,

barren beauty of tussled feathered temples.

In the air…divinity made simple.

altar 4