Let Us Not Forget

The horror we are in today…is not new! Minorities on all levels have to pay particular attention when going outside. We have to beware of all that surrounds us. For indeed, all that surrounds us…can kill us!

Gays, African Americans, Jews, Muslims, etc: remain vigilant!

Still yet, America…this is not the first ‘turning point’ in hatred…that we have seen!


Some extremism experts believe that may not be an accident. They say historical data suggests a link between heated rhetoric from top political leaders and ensuing reports of hate crimes, only adding to the fears of those who could be targeted.

“We can’t say that Trump is at fault because these mass killings have existed for a long time,” said Carlos Tarin, a Mexican immigrant who has lived in El Paso for three decades, but the recent rancor over immigration “has woken up that feeling that had been sleeping.”

Blood in the Snow

I have walked through the hues.

The dimness that casts…in a far off elongated print, upon a mountain pass.

Sprayed in the virgin snow.

Black as the witching hour, from afar and none to personal.

Red as the noon day’s sun, up close.

Blood stains from a wild game.

A quick removal of dignity.

And, stillness remains.imageedit_1_4203140728

Impeach the Anger in Politics?

“When you put a gun in the hands of a fool…pretty soon both will go off!”

Samuel J. Byck Carrying a Picket Sign
30 Nov 1973, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA — Philadelphia: Samuel J. Byck (seen in 11/30/73 file photo) carries a picket sign calling for the impeachment of the President outside where he worked in Philadelphia. Byck is the would be hijacker who died trying to commandeer a jetliner in Baltimore last week, intended to crash the aircraft into the White House, according to columnist, Jack Anderson, 2/27/74

Byck, a misguided and perhaps, mentally unstable and angry man, high school drop out, former enlisted man, mistakenly uses violence as a form of…political advocacy.  Guns for a cause…perhaps!

Tell me, Sam Byck, if you were to have lived, what would you offer for a state of the state, resolution, now?

For if nothing else, humanity continues to belittle the meek.  Make money makers of the hate mongers.  And, most importantly, offer to the gods…the young an impressionable by way of the needle.
With all that stood before you, Nixon, divorce, denial, joblessness…could the world near you fall further?
Indeed, we have…
When you stir things up from the bottom, Mr. Trump, Mr. Rubio, the bottom is what you are going to get!

Byck decided a revolution was needed to fix the rampant corruption he perceived, with politicians being more concerned about keeping special interests happy, rather than helping actual American citizens.  He also believed the government was conspiring with those special interest to keep people who were poor, down-and-out.