Natural Voyeur

Keepers of the Gate, the fowl allow us to pass

but as, Geese often do, there is some squawking before we are let through.

oh, what privilege, to watch as, ferns unfurl

to be a participant in that distant world100_0782

acceptable breathing witnesses

to organic matters of the day

I find we are blessed within the wooded knolls…

shady lots

to the scenery that time forgot

If It Is All the Same

Just a stumble down the rabbit hole.

Hybrid expectations.

Hybrid connotations.

Milky, mixed, substances found in the earth.

Or, within a book.

Co-existing with rebirth, rebirth, rebirth.

Catalyst for a change?

For all one knows.

Careful, careless, creations of still-life in strife.

‘If it is all the same’ no organic notoriety for the change.

‘If it is all the same’ particles keep falling in the ‘race’ to maintain.

mixed 1


the Whole Earth Revisited

As the earth steps back, flows…

ebbs and recedes.

It amazes me the difference between…

‘What we have been given!  And, what we feel we have received!’

Organic Manicure

Earthbound melody.

Sifting thru the rust and the budding weeds.

This is the place to be when wonder begins to seed.

Rummaging, romping, romantics of the forest.

Decadent in their delivery.

Seeking clustered acorns


spurs of last year’s wood.

Never any thought to…rest assured.

Organic manner of giving the land a manicure.

Rural Nation in Monochrome

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Caustic, a wrinkled delicacy wrapped in chowder.

Wanton for diversity, these colors are one.

Liberals living in shades of gray…when their day is done.


Snow squalls

Pot holes

…visibility,  not towers but trees.


north of exit seventeen.

Tan in a can.

Hash from a pan.

Single white female seeks a red necked man.

Heaven seeks earth,

in sustainable organic thirst.


The nature of this form of art…

primitive but lasting

flavorful but stark.

Whimsical layered larks.


“A poet’s monochrome is the difference between the things you want…and the things you have to do.”


(Old Depot, Franklin, New Hampshire)