living is easy

no red wall.

no red button free-fall.

lives mattered without malice

without protocol

all lived by what appeared to be simple means

ranches, capes, basic joists

dreaming the American dream

nothing trite about what we understood

we had more than most

most did not give would they could

saving the earth by way of the dime bag

no pale ale

just bong hits and bonfires

redemption found when a dollar had been given

on Sundays as a basket passed

too young to understand Nixon

old enough to mourn John

we were discovering Lady Chatterlay’s Lover

our bodies were ourselves

living among bathtub Mary’s and American flags on the front lawn

set in stones that were thrown

‘you were right…or, you were wrong’

i can remember hearing of Elvis

where he was

how he had been found

to my young mind i pondered…

‘how quickly life can be upstaged without a sound’

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Using Lady Liberty to Help Others

I am aware of the no one cares, history months.  The black history, the white man history month(which happens 365 days of the year)…and, the women’s history month.

I do not have the proper wordy etiquette and focus… to write about history.  I cannot place the words in such a way as to, pique a reader’s interest.  For that matter, my grammatical errors are enough of a turn off that most, English connoisseur’s go running from my blog.

That being said, this writer is very much aware that she cannot and should not focus an abundance of time informing others on the importance of world events that surface around us.

After much thought, I have decided there are a few items that can be written about.  Some of them being: politics, women and uprisings!

I am a woman.  Most likely, categorized, a feminist…as I often don’t care if I have a bra on and/or if my legs are newly shaven.

Being in the business of volunteering for an array of charitable scenarios.  And, after a long and exhaustive run for local office.  Most who do not know me would categorize me as a…political, earthy…animal freak.

Given my herstory, my marital situation, my need to speak loud and proud; I have what they call a ‘rap’ sheet!

Therefore, I will not let this month past!  It (Women’s History) is something I know a little bit about.

Today, of all days, we must rise up!  As American Women, we need to step out of the shadows.  We, with all of our female parts, need to; write, read, stand up, walk out, point fingers and…force others to hear us!

We Are Not Assured of Any Rights.

Rights over our bodies.

Rights over ageism and the female mystique.

Rights over our minds.

I dare all to read up on women who have and/or are changing the world!

I dare them to march.

To make phone calls.

To write letters to the editor (typically male) of the local newspaper.


To start the ball (no pun intended) rolling:
I have provided the following reading material of a heroine, many have not heard of!

Who is Aung Sang Suu Kyi?

Burmese politician, diplomat, and author who is the First and incumbent State Counsellor and Leader of the National League for Democracy. She is also the first woman to serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar, the Minister of the President’s Office, the Minister of Electric Power and Energy, and the Minister of Education in President Htin Kyaw‘s Cabinet, and from 2012 to 2016 was a Pyithu Hluttaw MP for Kawhmu Township.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been a major voice for human rights and freedom in Burma (Myanmar), a country dominated by a military government since 1962. Born in Rangoon and later educated at Oxford University, she became politically active in 1988 when the Burmese junta violently suppressed a mass uprising, killing thousands of civilians. Suu Kyi wrote an open letter to the government asking for the formation of an independent committee to hold democratic elections. Defying a government ban on political gatherings of more than four persons, Suu Kyi spoke to large audiences throughout Burma as secretary-general of the newly formed National League for Democracy (NLD). In 1989 she was placed under house arrest. Despite her detention, the NLD won the election with 82 percent of the parliamentary seats, but the military dictatorship refused to recognize the results. Suu Kyi has remained in prison almost continuously since that time, rejecting the government’s offer of freedom as it would require her to leave Burma. In 2003, she was moved from prison and again placed under house arrest, which has been repeatedly and illegally extended by the junta. She remains a living expression of her people’s determination to gain political and economic freedoms. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, Suu Kyi has called on citizens around the world to “use your liberty to promote ours.”

Please be aware, as artists, poets, readers, writers, we are all obligated to care.  With the current discord in America…we must

‘use our liberty to promote others!’

the Women’s Room



To the,  eloquently, predisposed…this is how the story goes.

We judge you with a whispered tranquility and taste.

But when mindful of self, there is no saving grace.

Alone with loathing lonely.

Autonomous bouts of being dowdy.

the womans room 2


upon pondering…



is something you will never see…

dear Goddess, please take care of ME.

Outwardly, we touch the world with heart and hope,

style and vision.

But with reflection we prefer self detention.

the womans room 3

What of these sacrifices to the Mother…

honor her to no other.


How savage am I when not using love as the daily guide.

A daily mirror predicts distorted images…

deliberate disdain…

a horrified internal self inflicted pain.

How can vigilant charity  be a womanly way.

How can I be when self hatred begins the day.

the womans room 4

So I ask the reflection,

what is the deliverance of self.

the womans room1

It is a different kind of danger.

One that cannot always be answered…by others.

As unique as the times past.

With a spell of mockery to the present.

Most always with frequently weighty anarchy.

the womans room 5

Dear Goddess, upon a morning’s reflection…

help me to be mindful not judgmental.

Help me to be mindful not judgmental…let the peace begin with me.