Bad Ass and the E.P.A.

Every trail blazed.  Every hidden path down a secret path.  Every inch of glory that is nature…has been pissed on by the egoism of Trump.  

Why believe in global warming?  After all, Trump is elderly, he isn’t going to live much longer.

Why institute new policies in which to keep our environment thriving?  Trump and his cronies can afford to remain healthy.  After all they have government instituted health insurance.


Who is the Worse?
Nata Pepper

When presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to hire only “the best people,” no one thought to ask him what they’d be best at. Trump himself has set standards for corruption, dishonesty, bullying, and callousness that seem unsurpassable, yet that hasn’t stopped his subordinates from trying, including the three men doing his environmental dirty work: Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, and Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. They’re all bad, but who’s the best at being worst?

At the Energy Department, Rick Perry has struggled. Although he may aspire to malevolence, he has managed only mediocrity. Like the proverbial hedgehog, Secretary Perry knows one big (actually, bad) thing: He’s supposed to promote dirty fuels no matter what. So far, he’s failed miserably. His plan to resurrect the coal industry by forcing consumers to subsidize failing coal plants was shot down by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and his attempt to get the government to subsidize dirty fuels for bogus national security reasons also stalled. Although he deserves demerits for dishonesty (national security? really?), he clearly needs to try harder.

That leaves Andrew Wheeler at the EPA and Ryan Zinke at Interior as the current contenders for being the best at environmental awfulness. It’s quite a matchup.

Acting Administrator Wheeler, of course, is following in the fossil-fuel–fetishizing footsteps of his old boss, Scott Pruitt, whose legendary corruption was as inept as it was self-serving. Thus far, Wheeler’s been shrewd enough to avoid Pruitt’s most obvious missteps, although his vile and racist social media activity did earn headlines.

Nevertheless, in an impressively short time (just over 100 days), Wheeler has brought his own flair to turning the EPA into the agency that Every Polluter Adores. He’s attempted to roll back protections from methane emissions, mercury pollution, and toxic chemicals; cooked up a sham scheme to replace the Clean Power Plan; attacked clean car standards; moved to remove public health concerns from pollution safeguards by censoring science; and, for good measure, fired the head of the Office of Children’s Health. One recent and particularly Trumpy Wheeler move was to claim credit for Obama administration resultswhile simultaneously undermining the policies that produced them. No wonder the boss loves him.


Wheeler’s past experience as coal lobbyist probably helped him hit the ground running. Coming from a brief stint in Congress, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had to be more of a self-starter in Trumpworld. Yet of Trump’s three environmental attack dogs, it’s Zinke who has truly excelled at emulating the boss.

Bullying? Zinke reportedly went so far as to threaten retaliation against a senator from his own party if she didn’t vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and he has tried to intimidate his department’s career staff and scientists into keeping silent about climate change.

Callousness? Zinke’s attacks on national monuments and other public lands have been breathtaking in their disregard for science, public opinion, community stakeholders, and common sense.

Dishonesty? When Zinke said shortly after being confirmed, “You can hear it from my lips: We will not sell or transfer public land,” it wasn’t even the first time he made that pledge. Yet he was caught red-handed trying to do exactly that with part of the Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument in Utah.

That’s all impressively appalling, but it’s corruption where Zinke really stands out among his pro-polluter peers. As of last week, 15 different ethical investigations had been opened into Zinke’s conduct as Interior Secretary, with six still ongoing (another three are pending because, frankly, there aren’t enough investigators to handle the workload that Zinke’s created). That’s a record that would almost put Scott Pruitt to shame — if these guys knew what shame was. Things are so bad, in fact, that Zinke apparently tried (unsuccessfully) to replace his department’s inspector general with a party hack working for Ben Carson at Housing and Urban Development.

So, who’s best at the job of being bad? Zinke and Wheeler are each so uniquely awful that it’s impossible to choose between them. The sooner both are gone, the better (and the same goes for the guy who hired them).

Wag the Dog n Other Acts

Wagging the Dog
Wagging the Dog (Photo credit: guy_on_the_streets)
big brother
big brother (Photo credit: Vince_Lamb)

Mrs. Uninsured America:

Healthcare in America: Who's Paying Who? And W...
Healthcare in America: Who’s Paying Who? And Who’s Getting What? (g1a2d0014c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Uptown got it’s hustlers.  The Bowery got it’s bums.  1600nd Pennsylvania avenue got big Uncle Sam the Pimp.  He’s a smooth taklin’ son of a gun.  Yup, he big and mean as a man can come.  But he stronger than the man who got put on the cross.  And, when the bad politicians gather at night…you know they all call Uncle Sam ‘Boss’.

Keepin’ up with the Joneses
Keepin’ up with the Joneses (Photo credit: Marcin Wichary)

Mr. Keepin Up Jones:

Why is that?

Mrs. Uninsured:

And they say:
You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Uncle Sam the Pimp

Mr. Keepin Up Jones:

You don’t say?  What’s the story behind that?

Mrs. Uninsured America:

Well outta south swamps come a country boy.  He say I’m lookin’ for a man named Sam the Pimp. I am a pool-shootin’ boy by name ‘a Willie McCracker.    But down home they call me Dim.  Yeah I’m lookin’ for the king of 1600 Street.  He drivin’ a drop top Cadillac!  Last week he took all my money and it may sound funny but I come to get my money back!
And everybody say Jack don’t you know…’bout theU.S. government?

"Conserve and You Serve Uncle Sam" -...
“Conserve and You Serve Uncle Sam” – NARA – 514076 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr. Keepin Up Jones:

Yo’ the Big Brother…hear tell homies stay away from him!

Mrs. Uninsured America:

Well, Dim, come boppin’ in off the street!  And when the cuttin’ was done the only part that wasn’t bloody was the soles of the big man’s feet!

And you better believe there come another kind of story when big Dim hit the floor!  Now they say, you don’t shit where you eat even with diamonds on the soul’s of your feet.

Mr. Keepin Up Jones:

Well, did this shit go down in a bar?  Or, during a Homeland Security tap?

Mrs. Uninsured America:

Yeah, all the big Dim’s in this world…they got their big brimmed hats but no telling who’s got their back.  Seems it’s not hustling people that’s strange to me or you.  It’s the two piece baby kissing political tailor-made drone that looks like Uncle Sam in a fool’s suit.

Deutsch: Luzerner Fasnacht 2009
Deutsch: Luzerner Fasnacht 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frankie and John Q Public

Dear Poor and Slovenly Soul,

We are pleased to let you know that the Affordable Care Act/ is designed to help those directly inflicted by the poverty level.  For the most part, persons just like you.

Hard worker, middle class, middle-aged and middle American who can’t get a break.  Though it has taken many two full weeks to apply for this new way of putting an old spin on screwing the country…we regret to inform you that you are exempt.

Understand that exempt does not mean you cannot partake in emergency room health care!  Care that is put off until the bitter end because you cannot pay the mortgage and a hundred and fifty dollar bill from a doctor’s visit.  Be assured that if you break a leg, lose a limb and/or find yourself knocking on death’s door you cannot be denied treatment.

Later on, however, when the ER bills become too much somebody make come and take your home.

We would like to suggest you apply for state assistance when looking for healthcare but alas, New Hampshire does not partake in that kind of kindness.


Thank You for paying the IRS on time and building a better America for someone else.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions….

If it is up and running!

Mr. and Mrs. Obamacare America!



Post Script:

While we have your attention please do not forget the following:

stella 3

Ruth — This is the final notification of your member status before tonight’s FEC fundraising deadline.

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Shake that Healthy Butt

I like big butts and I cannot lie?

WTF News from the newly ordained SSD (stupid is as stupid does) society:

Scientists at the University of Oxford have uncovered evidence that women with big butts are not only the most intelligent, but also the most resistant to chronic illnesses.

Shake that healthy butt! Baby got back!

Women with a big butts, wide hips and a narrow waist can live longer, and even be more intelligent, since the Omega 3 fats stored in their butts support brain development.

comments from the peanut eating gallery:

“Yo, bitch I have a flat ass!  It is more aerodynamic and much better suited for having sex in small places.  You don’t see that Wonder Butt J-Lo winning no nobel prize!”

My Prostate is growing and growing and growing.  Fuck where is the damn toilet?

FREE video reveals Dr. David Brownstein’s 5 Simple Tips
to a Healthy Prostate and an in-depth exploration on why

prostate concerns do NOT have to be an inevitable part of aging.

Prostate Revive Health SupplementWhy wait to pee?   Worry about getting it up at night…not up and out!  Take the natural way out!  Don’t believe me?  Dr. David Brownstein used this remarkably simple and holistic drug not only on lab rats but on his father-in-law!  Now the whole damn family can use the bathroom.

Should holistic and drug be in the same sentence?  Seems wrong?  Therefore, the maker of this info-blog would like to suggest elastic, Poise and drunk nights.  In the midst of a holistic blackout…with an adult diaper on there would be no need to worry about the ‘got to go’ feeling.


Does your chewing gum lose its flavor round the gay bar at night?

Are there homosexuals everywhere?

Personally, RandomwordbyRuth does not condone stereotyping any gender, group, chat-room and/or misguided organized religion.  However, when visiting the local Gandhi-Mart for further research via the local townies, the following conclusions were made:

1. It don’t matter who the fuck you are just keep your hands off my welfare

*Wendy Butts, Baby Momma

2. Can’t no good come from them getting married.  Pissing all over the fuckin’ family values this damn country fuckin’ fought for!-

*Homer Hung, refugee from Somalia currently working for his Uncle Samid.  Homer currently qualifies for

IMGP6492.JPG (Photo credit: Chrysaora)

Obama care and HUD housing.

Where does the time go?  

Next week the following topic will be uncovered and exposed for the silliness it represents:

Does Oral Sex cause throat cancer?

Kid: Your beard’s not real.

Willie: No Shit!It was real, but I got sick and all the hair fell out.

Kid: How come?

Willie: I loved a woman who wasn’t clean.

Kid: Mrs. Santa?

Willie: No it was her sister.