Feathering Milk Weed

Cedar shakes. Pastoral dreams. Enlightenment dangling... Somehow, in between. A simple gift given among the fire reds...and, rich greens. Decadent dirt roads providing me with a diversity. A luring contrast among all rights. And, all the wrongs. With enough summer windows closed. Frost against my pain. Much of the disquiet is not where my searching … Continue reading Feathering Milk Weed


Save All That is Red

The air swims above. Clenching onto summer's last kiss. Change is palatable. It agonizes over warmth. Fades like a sunset just missed. ≈ Self-righteous are my weathered thoughts. What will the winter bring? How soon before the thaw of next spring? ≈ What other ways be there to plunder around in the moss? Planning ahead … Continue reading Save All That is Red

Outside the Tent

With buoyant impression. Another change in the night...that falls. As if, my running through intrepid waters could oppose a stall. As if, my stumble, minus, a sideways glance could impede... 'every season, I cannot recall.' With luxury, near, close at hand. A chill slaps a splash toward my heavy load. In the still air... Time … Continue reading Outside the Tent

Hero for Gold

Loud enough to be heard when a pin drops. Tangled moments of clarity. Ancient strife and last century poets... Have not held the key. I, too, have been known to grasp at straws. That I do not hold. As I wheeze through another breath. And, hobble towards indecision. I am distracted by a presence of … Continue reading Hero for Gold

Mushrooms in the Forest

The fight remains in the hand tossed rubble and rubbish. Hope...in the ache that wakes. Not paradise up close and focus tight. But by innate tapestry under the sun's light. No treading a path beyond fine. The superfluous for the mind.