The House on Main Street

Tell you what I remember. Slide shows. Kisses goodnight on the cheek. Hardwood floors that announced every creepy, creak. Plath read by dim light. A soiled brown journal... Locked up tight. Angry sentences filled with the holy spirit. Standing in line for the back of the familiar...weathered hand.   How long the hours can be. … Continue reading The House on Main Street


Not Always Raining

A damp leaf caresses my calf. And, gently... I become aware of where I am at.   Standing on the repeating ridge. Quieting, the winds... 'do not jump.'   With no recourse... A fall begins. Yet, there is not a landing to be found.   There is a vague inhabited attempt to recall the impact. … Continue reading Not Always Raining

Pursuing the Spirit

There in the broken lot. Hunched, but, young. A walking prosthetic. Beautiful, nonetheless. In comparison, my renewal...nothing short of pathetic. As I began to surmise, down a cobbled street. The reckoning...would not shake me free. Would I remain a pursuer of spirituality? With the mystery of the mystics...forever ahead of me!  

Straight and Narrow

Crisp, clean, lean and linear. Effortless to hold. Alas, possibly too bold. Stark, as it leads to the scold. © So be it. The clean-cut line, as pristine as, precious time. © Often, I wish to be as well-defined. Pulling closer the sharp edges... I shed. No matter, the contrast of my less sleek design. … Continue reading Straight and Narrow

My Mother’s Heart

I feel the tides of her heart. As if she were still there. Yet, chiseled beneath my stony heart. These are just marooned cares. I do not think my referral as, pitiful. Would joust with her stoic spine. I do not think... She is far behind. Far behind, what is round. What was taught to … Continue reading My Mother’s Heart