Despondency has been set before my eyes. As if placed forever. As if, I wished to cry. If I were to step away and come back... Tears would have held the same appeal. And, a simple thought, 'No reprise for the meek.  Nor the rich.  Just a cynical attempt at the god's wishing us to … Continue reading Edie


The Obscurity of Trees

Minus pride, I gaze upward. Toward the elusive static that are the fingers of torment. Arrogant are the attempts to see the obscurities for what...they are. Nothing but mere intensely formidable, live-in scars. And, I? I am nothing but the wick to the flame...burning ever so bright. Eternally adjusting the delicate balance. That is my … Continue reading The Obscurity of Trees

With Love at the Table

If we were to meet along a deserted and silent Avenue? What would be my due? If Love walked in with visions of secretive beauty... What would my heart assign me to do? As though, Love lay in the off shadows of midday. Languished with only a name's sake. Could I have the courage to … Continue reading With Love at the Table

Letting My Impediments Loose

There is a farm, awaiting an oak to tumble and fall. I am not sure... I would have the same glorious, gall. Roughing it out, insidious and meek, hands partaking the thanks... And, the giving. Could I forbade this bulk of life and give it, allowance. Heavy husk may overcome me. And, saunter the words, … Continue reading Letting My Impediments Loose

Chaos and Calm, Collide

In reference to another life, I heard that, IT would always be something. A hiccup, a laugh... or, poorly chosen path. A manner for chaos to collide. And, my body, tossed to one side. Could the specter have been... a Caroler or poet? To this day, I am really not sure which. But deep in … Continue reading Chaos and Calm, Collide