Matt and the end to my 2.5 year celibacy (part 3)

Again, Mr. Obama, I ask, we ‘pay’ volunteers to help the nation’s poor or fuck around on our dime?


Let's hope she's paying taxes this time around...
Let’s hope she’s paying taxes this time around…

Olivia Rochelle


The Tracey Fragments

Kayla was the average type of girl that the average type of American male would go crazy for; a petite white girl with long, brunette hair, a striking face resembling a model, and, most importantly, big breasts. I don’t think there was any guy in AmeriCorps at the time who didn’t want to date Kayla, but Kayla already had a boyfriend back in her home state (Connecticut) and, on top of having a boyfriend in her home state, she also basically had a boyfriend in AmeriCorps (John) and another soon to be playmate, Matt. And, of course, like all pretty girls, she was a bitch. No story would be complete without the bitch. And I don’t feel sorry for saying that because just about everyone on the team called her a bitch and I always stood up for her at the time whenever they did. Until she…

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