the Evil that Dogs Do

Pretty straight forward.

Though, typically, unintended, dogs, mongrel or pedigree…can gross their owners out.  And, piss their dog zen…to the limit.

  • The neuter of a male dog and, he is still insistent on humping anything above ground.

  • Rolling in items that have passed away years ago and/or been up someone else’s ass!

  • Most dogs believe the activity of intercourse between two people is a call to them for a play fight.  Or, such as my dogs…they assume you are in pain and in need of help!

  • All dogs believe their tongues are a gift from the Higher Power.  And, thus, go out of their way to put it anywhere they damn well please!  The same could be said, for their noses!

  • Dogs instinctively have a knack for eating/destroying…only the important things.  Such as, this year’s tax returns, birth certificates, checks and/or paper products that there are no copies of.

  • I have had no peace with…the ‘human #2 time…in 5 years!


  • No mattress of any comfort or price has been signed to accommodate the sleeping position of dog owners!  The following is an example of what it is like when the dog…decides it is time to put their skinny ass…in the,  bed.

Shouldn’t We more upset about…Grandma Panties?

Hustle Wanted

I don’t understand many, many, many, things.  Actually, as the saying goes,

‘the more I know, the less I understand.’

I really do not know how we all have become so stuck in our own shit.  Transgender this, Pray the Gay away…that!  Personally, I abhor public bathrooms.  They leave me feeling like my OCD medication needs improvement:



My grandmother once told me,

‘A good bowel movement a day…keeps the doctor away!’

Of course, these words of advice came from a woman who hand fed chewed up string beans to my dirty white, dreadlocked, poodle.


When I go to Walmart, and/or anticipate buying myself ‘trinkets’…I become almost, sexual.  The whole conception of purchasing something brand spanking new for myself, leads me to having butterflies in my stomach.

To this fact, I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

Therefore, when I have to GO…I have to GO!  I spend very little time looking about at who or what is in the bathroom.

On occasion, I am caught up in wondering why someone is in the bathroom.  Hanging out, taking up much-needed space, dicking around in a stall…making phone calls and/or texting.

It has been my sincere pleasure to know some past and present day, transgender, persons.  They have always seemed clean and forthright with their ‘business’ in the toilet.  Washing when deemed necessary.  Politely apologizing for whatever aroma they have left behind, etc.

Where I become very confused is…children in the bathroom.  Not toddlers, not infants, not pregnant women who are ready to burst.  None of those scare me as much as, 12-year-old boys running around making paper airplanes in the women’s room.  Completely unsupervised little shitheads who have gone in made a mess of a messy situation.  These boys, who are sometimes even older than 12, are not transgender, they are malcontents, apparently given up on by their mothers.  Mothers who cannot be found anywhere.

I am a child of the 70’s, who had been raised in a rural state.  Nothing but white people and moose to be seen for miles and miles.  From this experience, I have the following suggestions for those persons with their panties in a wad over who uses what bathroom:

‘Take your bigoted shit outdoors and knock constipated self…out!’

Next Week an indepth discussion on Mcarthur Park…WTF  is Richard Harris getting at?

Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don’t think that I can take it
‘Cause it took so long to bake it
And I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh, no