working Saturday

Everyday down School street…

Same burned down mess…for all the world to see.

Everyday vanity…same burnt out mess I’ll always be.

Toxic neon signs flashing.

Ignorant rebel flags flying.

Labor-some sales of…buy one get one free.

As the rivers flow…just another holiday.

In the kingdom’s shinning dignity.

Makes a poor citizen wonder…

‘where has all the money gone?’

Turned every trick…the youngest still sick.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul with a bad lottery pick.

Rosary Sundays…

Confessional Tuesday…

All for Hail Mary holidays.

Drowning our sorrows to purchase another tomorrow.

Ain’t no such thing as a, Labor day, for free.

Just a working Saturday in the city.

H is 4 Hypocrisy

h 3

Blood on the trails

lust within the rails.

Thirst for this…a familiar curse.

Oh, how we love a drug

How a drug loves thee.

No more fist shackled poverty.

Gone are classes minority.

Relish today, the children call.

They sing, needles and silver spoon for all.

Time to respect heroin’s dead.

A mother’s poorly made drunken bed.

h 4
Have no doubt..addiction is both nature and nurture!