Lumbering in Silence

A kind of quiet…here.

Lumbering about the woods.

Something everyone needs…

A non monetary reprieve.

Celebration of rumination…

Divergence need not be understood. 

Prolific Down at the Falls

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Black and white images stream across yesterday…at today’s falls.

Profiles of cremated plots of Jiffy Pop.

And, with a splash, ‘not now’.

All in an instant, all in the wordy watered down words.

Thus, I ponder, why are these memories your’s to take?

Like a broken toilet handle…refusing to flush.

There is nothing like the taste of being…sour.

On this, the half past hour.

An, ‘I see you…’ on random country stores.

Black and white transformed into the derelict poor.

Prolific Falls…where do we go.

Prolific Falls, meant to be searched when solo.

When I had been young,

I learned to swim with a push.

When I had been young,

I learned to drive in a jam.

Sink and swim and hold on tight.

Tart and tangy memories in black and white.

the Profile Falls

the Profile Falls

Profile Falls, NH
Profile Falls, NH

looking tired but feeling old

So, please forgive me for behaving a little strange

A seasons excuses baring all the reasons.


The lightness of being

Darkness without feeling.


the Profile falls down the beaten path

I know there are things watching me

THEY…pledging to be.

Morrill Pond, Canterbury NH
Morrill Pond, Canterbury NH

The dogs remain silent

Used cords shuffle by a mile in.


The quiet can’t stay…

The quiet can’t stay…

Nightmare Ridge, Merrimack River, Penacook NH
Nightmare Ridge, Merrimack River,
Penacook NH